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All Zeros, and I Aient Talking About Shoes



Swim – 0:00:00 – 0m
Bike – 0:00:00 – 0km
Run – 0:00:00 – 0km

Total – 0:00:00 – 0km

I know post race weeks are supposed to be about ‘active recovery’ but hagin’ in San Francisco with my family after the race was just to awesome to break up with a run.

That’s right, I swam across the San Francisco bay and lived to tell about it.

Actually, it wasn’t all that difficult. As much as the cold water temperature, potential wildlife, and strong currents are hyped up, it was an enjoyable swim. I even took the chance to turn on my back and take 30 seconds to admire the situation I was in.

Wow, enough about the race. That is what race reports are for.

Speaking of holding on, I reckon I owe you all a couple of overdue posts including Airdrie Sprint Race Report and Drivers v Cyclists. Can’t wait? Neither can I.

So after a full week off, I am ready to get back at it. My performance in Alcatraz gave me the confidence that the CTS Half Ironman plan will get me where I want to go come July 27 at Ironman 70.3 Calgary.

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Recap – Week 50

It is no secret that I dig New Balance shoes, specifically the Minimus Road Zero; they feel like little rocket ships on my feet. After 1490km I have literally run the soles off leaving me with nothing but a search for a new pair.

New Balance changed the design, naming it the Road 10V2. I tired them on and wasn’t overly impressed, though they didn’t have the width I was looking for.

That’s right ladies, big feet…….

I felt I couldn’t cheat on the model that has taken me so far over just shy of 1500km, so I ordered the V2. I just got my first run in this morning, but I will hold on to judgment until I have some more significant km’s under them.

Oh, another post to add to the list.

Question: Do you take full week (or days) off after a race?


Recap – Week 34

Ah, rest and relaxation


Swim – 0:15:10 – 1310m
Bike – 1:00 – 27.9km
Run – 0:34:53 – 6.99km
Total – 1:50:04

Alright, this should catch me up after missing a couple of scheduled recaps due to vacation.

This week was our annual pilgrimage to Sicamous, a place my family has gone for about 20 years now. The weather was decent, with a couple of days of scorching weather that we took full advantage of.

Leaving Calgary on Saturday, we got out of the house at a decent time. I have two girls and a dog; being on the road at 0900 is decent. After a couple of stops for bathrooms, we arrive in Golden to find that the Highway between Golden and Revelstoke closed due to a vehicle incident. Fast forward 5 hours, several coffees, and lunch we are on the road again. I can’t complain about having to wait, better to wait in Golden than be part of the vehicle incident.

Getting in later than we expected threw us for a loop, but we managed to get setup in order to enjoy our first day without to much running around. I mentioned that I had borrowed a ‘speedsuit’ from my swim coach to test out in the water, and on Tuesday afternoon I had a chance to test it out. Man, I l really liked the feeling of my arms bare. It let me feel the water better than a sleeved wetsuit and the range of motion is much better.

The rest of the week was uneventful, just as we planned it. We ended up leaving a day early as the weather turned to rain, but all in all it was a good vacation. The extra day at home allowed me to sneak in a quick hour on the bike Sunday afternoon. It was great to get out and feel the wind again.

I am prepping for the start of my While 30 Challenge by studying ingredient lists of some of the food in our house. Most products are pretty decent, but the one that scared me the most is Sweet Relish. I never realized how many artificial colors are in it; not to mention the sugar. Wow. I never ate the stuff, but I will now try to limit the amount my daughter eats.


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So back to a semi-structured training plan. I am participating in the Calgary Corporate Challenge 10K road race in a couple weeks time. I was aiming for a sub 40min finish, but I may have to pull that back just a bit based on my performance over the past 4 weeks.

Question: How do you spend your first couple of weeks after the race season?

Recap – Week 33

Back to back weekly recaps. Lazy you ask?


Swim – 2:00:00 – 5200m
Bike – 1:00:00 – 26km
Run – 0:35:00 – 7.26km
Total – 3:35:00

In relative terms, lazy is about right. Lake Chaparral was my last race of the 2013 triathlon season, so this week is my wind down before I take a couple of weeks off from structured training. In hindsight, I may have taken it a little too easy, but with a pending vacation and work in full swing, I had to skip a couple of days.

Monday was a complete rest day after my race. After nursing my sore legs, standing desks don’t help with that by the way, I hit the bike for an hour on Tuesday for a easy spin. I tried the same for Wednesday in the pool but ended up with 16x25m sprints. That is the thing about being part of a club, there isn’t much room for individual requests. So I stuck with the workout because I would rather swim harder with the group, than swim easy on my own.

Easy run on Thursday and back in the pool on Friday. My swim coach has mentioned that he was looking to sell a couple of his wetsuits and brought them to the pool for me to try out. I took the first 15 minutes of our workout trying on, diving in, and swimming with each wetsuit, feeling each one. I have no problem getting into a wetsuit, but I have never done it wet before. It was more of a workout than the next 45 minutes in the lane. As I missed the warm up drills, I stuck around after the group was finished and completed my 400m, drill set.

So long story short, I liked the sleeveless ‘speed suit’ and took it with me on vacation to hopefully try it out in the lake a couple of times.

We are off for a family vacation, this time without the training gear and structured training plans. I love Sicamous; my family has been going there for a summer vacation since I was around 12 years old and we have gone each year since my daughter was born. She really enjoys it as well, so despite the mosquitoes in July, wasps in August, seaweed all year round, and a 6 hour drive, we make the trip each year.

More than the location, I am looking forward to some rest and relaxation. I have been going pretty hard this year, not taking may days off since last fall. I am going to try for a couple open water swims and one or two runs while I am away. Stay tuned to see how that goes.

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I lent a book that changed my life, ‘The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari”, to a buddy over a year ago. Every time we run into each other, he says “Dude, we need to grab a coffee and I can return your book.” I wasn’t angry, if it took him some time to finish it, no problem. It is totally worth it.

So this week, he invited me for a coffee and gave me my book back. Only this was a brand new copy and inside was a $30 gift card. He wrecked the copy I gave him and instead of returning a damaged book, he hooked me up with a crisp new copy.

That is stand up.

Question: What is your wetsuit preference? Do you dig sleeves?

Hotels, Family, and Training

Well I am back at it.


I has been a couple of weeks since my last post.

Vacation was great with stops in Coeur d’Alene, Seattle, Vancouver, Courtenay, Comox, and Sicamous. We had a lot of time together as a family, got real familiar with the seats in my truck, and visited family we haven’t seen in years. I managed to sneak in 80% of my planned workouts, opting to forego 3 swim workouts to ensure I got my time in on the bike and run.

Let me tell you, Seattle didn’t do much for me while we were there. The traffic was crazy, construction was all over the place, and the people didn’t seem too friendly; but when I look back on our time there, I like the city more and more. Some of the neighborhoods we visited, Queen Anne, Bainbridge Island, and West Seattle for example, were laid back and interesting to explore. I don’t think that I would move there, but I would go back in a heart beat.

Oh, and if you like Starbucks (who doesn’t right) I am sure you can find one. They are only on about every other street corner….

This weekend is my final race of the year; Lake Chaparral Olympic Distance. This is year number three participating and the first year I am targeting a high finish. I love this race, it is always well organized and with my daughter participating in the Kids of Steel race on Saturday, we make a family weekend out of it. I am riding my trusty Cervelo P3C instead of my new shinny Argon 18 Krypton. I love my new road bike, but as I found out pretty quickly, you sacrifice speed for comfort, and speed is what I am after. *sigh*, typical triathlete.

My training has been going great. I am averaging 1:28/100m in the pool over the past month. Not that I expect to clock that this weekend, open water always is a bit slower and considering it could be a non-wetsuit swim, that could make it even slower. Biking is also getting better. I am noticing my fitness is far better than just a few months ago; climbing and wind don’t bother me too much any more. The run is where I have noticed the most improvement. At Chinook back in June, I ran a 45:10 10k (4:31/km). Based on how I feel, I should be able to push the pace and come in with a 43:00 or even a 42:00 10k this weekend.

I am toying with the idea of weekly recap as a standard post. Not sure if I can keep up with it. Who am I kidding, I am not sure if my life is that interesting to be able to fill a post, let alone keep you guys interested each week. I can’t really think of a reason not to try it, so I will give it a try.

I say this a lot, but I am glad to be back in Calgary. It is nice to get away, but I love this town too much to stay away for long.

Question: Is your Triathlon season coming to an end? Did you achieve your goals?


Race season is over, I achieved my goals (well kinda), and had a great ride.  Now it is time to relax with my family and take a little time away from the triathlon world.

Taking some of my own advice from an earlier blog post, see Scales point number 7, we headed out of Calgary after our final race of the season for some family rest and relaxation.  What better way to do that than head out to British Columbia and stay on the lake?

Vernon, BC
A town that my wife always wants to visit and I have grown to like as well, we can always fill a couple of days with activities.  This year was the first year we actually had decent wether, so we were able to do something exciting other than the hotel pool.  If it were up to my daughter, this is the only thing we would do.
Davison Orchards
A family run Orchard which has activities for kids and adults, not to mention the crazy delicious pies.  Not exactly Paleo, but hey, I am on vacation.  The apples are fresh, some still have leaves on, and a couple of bags seem to make the trip home with us each year.
Kal Beach
Bad weather and beaches don’t mix, so we were stoked to have 35 degrees and sun for our day at the beach.  The water in Kalamalka Lake was warm this year, and we spent most of our time swimming and doing karate in the water.  Karate is fun, but is more fun in the water.  Mom even came into the lake this year, and got her hair wet.
Atlantis Water Slides
This was our first time at the water slides, and it showed.  We arrived around 1300 and had a hard time finding a spot for our towels and the wait was pertty long for each ride.  We had a blast trying evey slide; Double Trouble was voted our favorite by the family.  Next time we will get there for opening so we can grab some shade and hit as many slides as possible beofre the crowds arrive.

Sicamous, BC
This is a spot where my family has gone since I was a kid and my memories of those summers are fond.  So despite the consistent mosquitos, seaweed, flood damage, and forest fires we make the trek every year.  Some years we stay for a full two weeks, sometimes we stay only a couple of days.
Shuswap Lake
The main attraction, we spend most of our time either in or on the water.  We spent our two and a half days swimming, building sand castles and riding the sea-doo.  We met a great family, also from Calgary, with two girls, one the same age as our daughter.  The girls spent a full afternoon swimming with each other, then after supper played in the cabin well past their bedtime.
Dutchman Dairy
Who I am kidding, this is the main attraction.  A store where the ice cream is made within 15m of where it is sold and you can go see the cows where the milk came from while you eat it.  Awesome.  Not to mention that it is probably the best ice cream you will ever have, the only complaint is how do you chose a flavour?

It was a great vacation, but I am glad to be back in Calgary.  Now it’s time to plan for the next race season.  No rest for the amateur triathlete….

Question: How do you unwind once race season has ended?