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That Was a Cold Race

May Long Weekend, who would have figured the weather would be less than ideal?


Last year it rained in transition, then promptly stopped once the race started and everyone had a good time. This year, the opposite happened.

My swim was uneventful, but I always seem to be slow in the pool; 1:37/100 is not bad, but I was aiming for faster; my training has been sub 1:30/100 most of the year. Alas, it was still the second fastest swim of the day.

Not bad I reckon.

It rained while we were inside so my cycling gear was wet before I got on. It always gets wet anyways so I didn’t worry too much about it. I went barefoot, as I always do, and later regretted it. More later.

The wind was coming out of the east, resulting in a headwind for the first 5k. With a wet body, rain, and a cold wind things started cold and didn’t get any better. I made the turn, headed West toward the final turn hoping for a little help from a tailwind to gain some time.

Why does a headwind never turn into a tailwind?

The rest of the bike was pretty easy as I tried to warm up my toes before the run.

Running on frozen toes sucks; if you were wondering. My pace was great, I felt strong, and I was passing pretty much everyone I set my sights on. I ‘high-fived’ a buddy of mine at 4k, encouraging him to stick with me to the finish line.

Swim – 750m – 12:06 – 1:37/100m – 2/107
Bike – 10k – 39:33 (30.3km/hr) – 5/107
Run – 5k – 21:56 (4:24/km) – 2/107

Finish – 1:13:34 – 3/107

So second year, and a second great result.

I decided this year to ride my road bike, my Argon 18 Krypton, instead of the TT bike as I wanted to get a race with the gear I was bringing down to San Francisco. I probably lost some time on the bike due to this, but again, this was a ‘C’ race. I won’t lose any sleep over it.


Racing Instead of Training

12 days and counting.


Swim – 2:30:00 (p) – 2:10:00 (a) – 5950m
Bike – 5:45:00 (p) – 4:24:23 (a) – 120.08km
Run – 3:00:00 (p) – 2:45:01 (a) – 33.11km
Race – 1:10:00 (p) – 1:13:34 (a) – 25.75km

Total – 11:15 (p) – 10:32:58 (a)

This week was my highest training volume, probably not the best week to schedule a sprint distance triathlon, but hey, who doesn’t like to race?

I really suck at changing my training schedule to fit in a unscheduled event. I get stuck on “things have to go where they have to go” so this week threw a wrench into my plans. No worries though, I was able to get in the bulk of my training sessions, the prescribed intervals, and still have a great race.

Again, don’t fret, the race report is on the way.

Taking down a 1:15 Negative Split and both 1:20 and 1:30 with Fartlek Intervals (5x3min) after my Friday morning swims has given me a lot of confidence. This is one place in my training that I lack, confidence on the run. Am I ready for a Ironman 70.3? Sure. Am I ready to push hard at an Ironman 70.3? Not even close.

I can hang with the power bikers; you know the guys, all quads and calves. Put my next to a runner and I don’t stand a chance. Well I think some of that is changing as I came away with the second fastest run on the day yesterday.

Ah progress.

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Finally, the Weekend is Upon Us

With less than 2 weeks now until Escape From Alcatraz, my first race is under my belt, I am feeling pretty relaxed.

The only concern I have is water temperature. I like to get in the water, warm up (literally and figuratively), the get prepared to do battle. In Alcatraz, no such thing as a warm up. It is just off the boat and swim like you stole something.

So this week I am going to grab my wetsuit, head down to the river, and go for a swim. The water temperature may be colder than the bay but I reckon it can’t hurt.

Think of it as a swimming treadmill.

Question: Have you tried swimming in a river? Any thoughts.

Try This Triathlon Airdrie – Race Report

This was my first race in Airdrie. Actually, it was everyone’s first race in Airdrie.


I have a special place for this race as it was my first triathlon back in 2011, and the one that eventually got he hooked. After the Olympic event was cancelled due to lack of registration (11 including me), traffic pattern concerns, and issues with the facility, I was ready to hammer the sprint distance instead. Earlier in the week the forecast called for 25-35mm of rain on race day. Awesome, better check my tires. Race morning was wet, and 5 minutes after arriving in transition, the rain stopped.

The swim was in a pool, 6 lanes, 4 people per lane. I had to wait for about 2 hours for the slower swim heats to finish before I hopped in the pool. I had a decent swim, even though the lap counter figured I swam an extra 50m. By my count, I was bang on. No problems, I was on my way to transition before I gave it another thought.

On the bike. After weaving through the park with no passing (which was killing me by the way), I settled in for a good bike. It was windy, with a crosswind gusting to 50-60km/hr. Some of the racers looked like the ‘Leaning Tower of Pisa’ trying to stay upright, I handled the wind pretty easy. Hey, I am born and train in Calgary, I am no stranger to a bit of wind. Once we turned south is when the fun started, freshly paved road with wind at our backs. The speed limit said 80km/hr and I am sure that some of us could have picked up a speeding ticket.

On to the run. My winter training was dedicated to increasing my run speed, and it didn’t disappoint. I was passed by one racer, and once he passed me, I was intent on keeping pace with him for the rest of the race. Ended up with the 5th fastest run of the day, 4:23/km.

Result: 1:14:27 4/20 Age Group 5/99 Overall

Highlights: Everything worked as planned. Transitions were fast and organized, and I pushed a good pace on the run.

Lessons: Need to add some more pacing drills in the pool; 1:43/100m is slower than I anticipated and how I felt in the water. Need to spend more time on the bike. With the wind it was tough to judge how I did, but I know I am capable of more.

All in all, it was a good race. The course was a little weird, but with what they had to work with, I reckon they did a good job.

I am ready to go for my first ‘A’ race in June.