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Cops and Joggers

Second year in a row I have ran this race, this year I convinced my brother to run with me.

Great choice.

Ah yes, the start line selfie.  Losers hey?

Ah yes, the start line selfie. Losers hey?

Race morning was a touch chilly; it was 0 degrees when we parked. I was carrying a GU Salted Caramel gel, and with the yeti on the package, seemed fitting. Our goal was simple, start together finish together (hopefully under 2 hours).

We started off pretty fast at 4:30/km. Keeping in mind the first 3k is pretty much downhill, I slowed our pace to hopefully save our legs for the return leg. We found out later that our attempts were futile.

I ran through the fist aid station at 5k, my brother opting for a glass of water. Well by 8k he had a stitch in his side and nothing helped; breathing on alternate sides, slowing down, and eventually walking. The next aid station provided a chance to stop, grab some energy, and keep chugging along.

We ran down into the Weaselhead, I opened up and cruised down the hill slowing down at the bottom to let my brother catch up. Onward to the bottom of the biggest test. I went to grab my gel looking for some energy for the climb, only to find that my hands were numb and I couldn’t grab the gel from my pocket. My brother gave me his, saying that he wouldn’t need it. Awesome, thanks dude.

I hammered up the hill, clapped for the bagpipe band at the top, and stopped at the aid station to wait for my brother. Not much to report in the last 5k, except for anyone who maps a half marathon course with an uphill finish sucks.

Coming around the last bend, I stopped and let my brother go ahead. He worked so hard in the last 4k that crossing the finish line first seemed pretty rude. Our official time was 1:52:52. Needless to say we were stoked, not only meeting our goal, pretty much smashing it.

yyc police half 2014

I love this race, it is always well organized and the route is probably the best in Calgary. Sure, I can run the reservoir any time, but there is something special about running it with a couple hundred others. Bring my brother along, and man, what a great way to spend a Sunday morning.

I was also able to rest my nutrition plan along the Ironman 70.3 Calgary run course. I understand that running a half marathon differs greatly from running an Ironman 70.3 half marathon, but I reckon any testing is better than wingin’ it.

So there you go; a PR for my brother, half marathon under me for 2014, and triathlon season right around the corner.


The Real World?

Ran across a blog title. In that title, it stated “Triathlon, and how it relates to the real world.”


That got me thinking, does Triathlon relate to the real world? I mean most of the things we do, outsiders look on and say things like “how can you get up that early” or “you are crazy for running that far”. Getting up at 0500 on a regular basis to get demolished in the pool or run to the top of a hill, then down, only to turn around and run up it again aren’t things the normal dad does on my block.

Not to say that you can’t compete and have a real life; I do it each day along with countless others; but there are reasons why living a normal life and being a triathlete are completely different.

We compete in three sports simultaneously. It can take years to be efficient in the water swimming 5-6 days a week; throw in cycling and running, it can take that long to just survive. Now eat, drink, and try to keep it in your stomach until the finish line.

We plan our training volumes like a kid plans a trip to the candy store. As much as we can hold, then just a little bit more. To fit in the appropriate training time, we resort to either two-a-day or brick workouts. I haven’t had less than 2 days a week with a brick or two workouts since November 2012.

Our obsession with gear can be unquenchable. When you have to gear up for three sports, it can be expensive. Throw in the newest ‘Super Tri-Bike’ or the “Lightest Shoe” things can add up real fast. The only thing worse than that? We eat it up asking ‘what else can we buy?”

Our thoughts are mostly on training, racing, or nutrition. My wife is the first to point out that I spend a lot of time talking about my training plan or how my nutrition plan is going. We can be annoying to anyone who will listen, and even to those who don’t.

I think we are all crazy.

And I think triathlon does not relate to the real world.

Question: Do you think Triathlon relates to the real world?

What Is In Your Cup?

This summer, June 12 to be exact, I decided to eliminate coffee from my diet.

I detailed in a previous post, Valdez Who?, my 30 day challenge to rid my life of coffee. Not that coffee is all that bad; I mean it doesn’t cause world wide conflicts, it is usually grown in a socially repsonsible way, and most coffee companies value the communities where the coffee is grown. If that was my reasoning, I would be driving an electric car……..

Practicing what I preached (point number 4) I replaced coffee with tea. There are so many different kinds out there, so finding one that I wanted to drink over and over was a bit of a challenge. It took a while, but with a little perseverance I was able to steep my way through and find a couple that I really liked.  I have to admit, after finding a couple of teas that I like, I don’t miss coffee anymore.

Here is a list of the teas that I have in stock at my house and where I picked them up here in Calgary.

Yerba Mate (The Bean Stop) – Yerba Mate is technically not a tea but who cares? The caffine in the mate leaf affects the muscle tissues rather than the central nervous system which is why most people don’t feel a ‘buzz’ after drinking it. I have found Yerba Mate great with breakfast after a morning workout and it has also helped with buring body fat.

Forever Nuts (Davids Tea) – Sometimes I like to have a cup of tea without caffine, especially in the evening; this is where Forever Nuts comes in. It is sweet so it also helps with a late night craving for something sweet. The only problem I have is the artifical flavouring, why does it need to be in there?

Stawberry Slender Pu-erh (Teavana) – It is the true black tea that is actually a green tea. Sounds confusing? It is. I am really starting to get hooked on pu-erh tea as I prefer the taste over a regular black tea. The stawberry chunks inside give the tea a smell and taste that has even the old boys in my office asking if they can try it.

Peppermint (No where in particular) – Steeps quick and is caffine free. It is a staple in our house for when a quick cup is needed to warm up after taking the dog for a walk, making snowmen, or skating at the outdoor rink. Bonus, my daughter loves it as well.

There has been many other kinds of tea in our house, but the ones listed are part of the starting lineup.  Oh, and now that the Christmas blend is at Starbucks, I am going to have a hard time not ordering a Grande.

Give it a try, not only do I feel better by ditching the joe, the variety out there is far greater than the average coffee bean.

Question: What tea is part of our starting line-up?

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