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WordPress Still Exists and So Do I.

Was my last post really August 13? Man does time fly.


So where have I been you ask? Why I am glad you did.

I think I have spent more time in the pool over the past 3 months than anywhere else. The months of September and October were full with fins on our feet, working on body position, catch, and overall stroke efficiency. Our coach was right (I hate to admit it) that with fins you can concentrate on your stroke and work on the parts that are weak.

Goal: speed.

It has worked. Over the past 3 weeks I have seen a drastic increase in my body position and efficiency resulting in my fastest 400m; 5:34 (1:23/100m). To boot, it was at the end of this workout.

Warm Up
400m swim / 200m kick / 400m swim

Main Set
6x400m – swim/pull/paddles/paddles/pull/swim

Cool Down
200m easy

For the record, I still need to work on my finish – “Water past your knees”.

Bike races are a crap load of fun. I raced, yeah raced, in my first Gran Fondo in late September which was put on by Mountain Equipment Coop in Turner Valley. I have never ridden in the Highwood Pass before, and I am glad that I had the chance. I played with the boys up front until the turn, opting to wait for my buddy who got dropped at km 50. It was our deal; wait for each other at the turn.

So much fun I may just race bikes next year. Who needs all that swimming and running? Rule #42.

I am going to get back in the regular posting routine and I do really enjoy reading other posts (Ragtime Cyclist, Single-tracked Mind, and Fit Recovery to name a few), so WordPress will be a regular stop for me.

So stay tuned. I have some really good ideas.