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Paleo Elitist

I need to vent a little bit.


Here I am, 4 weeks out from finishing my Whole 30 challenge, and I am thinking back to October. Thinking back to how the challenge went, and how I can help anyone who is looking to embark on one for the first time.

Through the challenge, I had many questions about if a certain food, or combination of foods, were in violation of the principals of the challenge. Let’s call a spade a shovel here, the definition of the challenge is pretty vague.

Eat real food – meat, seafood, eggs, tons of vegetables, some fruit, and plenty of good fats from fruits, oils, nuts and seeds.

Some fruit? Plenty of good fat? What do they really mean by that?

So off I went in search of some advice relating to exactly what it did mean and I stumbled upon what I think is the negative side of the whole 30 community, the elitist. I have alluded to them before; the hard core, only 100% is good enough who’s opinions can be somewhat disheartening.

The frame what I mean, here was my situation: I wanted to know if eating a banana with almond butter was within the spirit of the challenge. On the surface there is no issue, but thought I would look it up anyways. Here is the opinion I found:

It doesn’t fit into the Whole 30, it appears to be close to SWYPO (sex with your pants on) and looks a lot like desert. I would avoid it unless you are using it in combination with a meal for fat.

So wait a second kemosabe. As long as I play it in my mind that it isn’t desert but rather part of my meal, it is fine?

This is where the challenge went from awesome to just plain good for me. It makes it tough as there is a mentality out there surrounding the challenge that the context in what you eat or how you eat it will determine your success.

Now to clarify, I live a Paleo lifestyle, having seen great results not only in my athletic performance, but in my life in general. I am not against the Whole 30 challenge. I think that for someone who is looking for a nutritional reset, it is a great starting place, just don’t let the opinion of some of the elite get between you and success.

So if you embark on the challenge, first of all, good for you; it will have an impact on your life one way or another. Secondly, don’t let the opinion of the elitist on the interweb affect your mindset. Take the challenge for yourself and work within the rules. If you have to step in the grey territory now and again, no big deal.

Question: What are your thoughts on the paleo elitist?


Recap – Week 36

Another week down. Man, these weekly recaps are coming almost faster than I can write them.


Swim – 0:55:00 – 2500m
Bike – 0:49:57 – 21.9km
Run – 2:09:17 – 27.22km
Total – 3:54:14

My swim and bike suffered this week, but it isn’t all my fault. Brace yourself, here come the excuses. The pool was closed for maintenance on Friday and as much as I wanted to dive in, there was nothing but air to dive into. Sure, I could have gone to another pool, but I am not a huge fan a busy lanes; at a strange pool? No thanks. Besides, swim club starts up again on Monday and a day off isn’t a bad thing.

I woke up Saturday morning to rain, actually, rain like that can’t be called just rain. It was almost like ’40 days and nights’ or ‘build me an ark’ kinda rain. So the bike stayed in the house and I took the day off. Kinda.

I was able to squeeze three runs though, with one being a 10k race on Sunday morning. The race was a great success as I set a new PR of 43:36 (4:22/km); almost a full minute faster than last year. Race report to follow (stayed tuned). I was the first on my team to finish, with all of us coming in under an hour. A great result all around.

Just about 2 years ago, going against the grain, we moved into a older community in Calgary from our suburban community. Our friends thought we were a little crazy, and I am the first to admit we are. It has been awesome so far being close to the Bow River, Bowmont Natural Park, and having trees that are taller than our fence. The downside you ask? Well, the house was built in 1976 and hasn’t really been updated since.

So I started renovations this weekend by demolishing our ensuite bathroom. Man, you want a decent cross training workout? Rip up a sub floor. My hamstrings, triceps, and wrists are killing me. I mentioned that I kinda took Saturday off, well, no triathlon specific workouts, but I was sweating pretty hard on Saturday afternoon. It went better than expected, and we are ready to close up the walls pretty soon.

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Recap – Week 35

My Whole 30 Challenge has reached Day 12 as of today, and I am glad to say it is going pretty well. I am starting to crave certain things, but more than anything I am just getting a little hungry. I think the challenge makes you think that if you snack, you fail; there are certainly people out there that have than opinion and I call them the ‘Elitist Paleo’. I say eat when you are hungry make a decent snack choice, because it sucks being hungry. For me, cashews are not a decent choice.


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My wife has left the room.

Question. Now that triathlon season is over, will you still race? What are you racing?