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Speedy Gonzalez and the Walk of Shame



Swim – 1:30:00 (p)- 2:15:00 (a) – 6500m
Bike – 2:45:00 (p) – 2:45:45 (a) – 74.50km
Run – 2:00:00 (p) – 1:15:34 (a) – 15.77km

Total – 6:15:00 (p) – 6:16:29 (a)

Back to training after a full week off can be quite a drag, but all-in-all it went pretty good. Friday’s swim was a decent set; by decent I mean a killer. It went like something like this.

Warm Up
400m swim/200m kick/400m drill

Main Set
5x400m swim on 7:00
alternate swim/pull/pull with paddles

Warm Down
100m kick on back
100m swim

With Speedy Gonzalez leading the lane we hit the wall around 5:40 for each set sending most of us (including me) into a drone state by the 4th interval. The set was actually supposed to be 6x400m but both time and enthusiasm ran out.

I skipped my Saturday morning run, sorry, but I have a couple of good reasons. First I have been working on a slight injury to my left foot; nothing that warrants a trip to the physio but I didn’t want to make it worse.

Second I volunteered at the Chinook Triathlon festival; a local race that I did last year and had so much fun at I needed to be part of it again. As I am in the beginning of my build phase from Ironman 70.3 Calgary I couldn’t justify racing at this point, so I volunteered instead. If you haven’t volunteered at a race yet, you need to do it. It was an absolute blast.

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I titled this post after the ever popular phrase “walk of shame” for good reason. Tuesday I headed out for my first ride of the season on Fred, my Cervelo P3C. It was cold and I was glad to have my new fleece jersey from Mojo Cycle in San Francisco on.

As I descended into the river valley on my way home the air became noticeably cooler, so I opted to take a route that takes me through the community avoiding not only the valley, but the steep climb out of it.

I came around the corner and I flatted. Now never a problem, I grabbed my spare tube and CO2, and went along changing it. Success. As I hoped on, pedaled for, oh maybe 3m, I hear another hiss. Karma.

Guess I am walking home with my bike on my shoulder. At least I was only 4k from the house.

Question: Ever made the ‘walk of shame?” Do you carry more than one tube and CO2?


Race Report – Chinook Triathlon Festival – Olympic Distance

This was my second time registered for the Chinook Triathlon Festival. After breaking my collar bone 3 weeks before last years race, this is the first one I participated in.


I had a great swim, by my standards. Out of the water in 23:28 with my second lap 11:23; maybe I am getting an handle on this negative split thing. Hopefully I can use the same strategy for the run. Got kicked in the face trying to pass a swimmer at a buoy, that will teach me for getting too close. I ran past the wetsuit strippers, opting to strip myself on the way to T1, and made the long run to my bike. Had a little difficulty finding it this time. Usually I have no issues.

On to the bike. This course is known for a tough first half, uphill and into the wind, and it lived up to it’s reputation. On some of the downhills, I had to pedal just as hard as I had a few moments previous going up. At least coming home is gonna be fun. At the turn, I set my sights on 2 bikers who were about 1 minute ahead of me; they were hard to catch. I passed the first one about 10k later, then passed the second one on an uphill section 5k after that.

Headed into T2 I knew I had a good chance to hit my target time of 2:15, so I settled in for a quick, but manageable run.

Leading up to race day, all I could think about was the weather. Rainy all week with some pretty cold temperatures. Not today, the sun was out and the temperature was rising for the run. I held a 4:30/km pace for the first 2k as I had planned, stopping to tie my shoe once. Crap. After that, I decided to kick it up a notch and run on feel and not pace. The last 3k hurt a bit, and that hill didn’t help. I was passed by 3 runners around km 9, with one holding his hand back for a thank you handshake for pacing him around the course.

That is why I love this sport.

Highlights – I raced real well. I was happy with my bike, even though a couple of guys passed me before the turn, and my run was solid.

Lessons – Continue to work on my run; with my focus on the run over the past 5 months, the results don’t lie. I am a full 0:20/km faster coming off a harder bike than Chaparral. Don’t mess with my GPS just before race start. There is a stupid reason why I don’t have my GPS data.

Result – 2:18:08 Finish Time 17/134 Overall 8/52 Age Group

All-in-all, it was a great race and a great result. I will definitely be back next year.