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Recap – Week 38

Can you count commuting on your bike as a workout?


Swim – 3:00:00 – 7200m
Bike – 2:20:10 – 65.20km
Run – 1:29:53 – 17.57km

Total – 6:50:04

This week was a good week for training. The fins haven’t made their disappearance from our swim workouts yet, but I am happy to report that we didn’t have any lunges either. I hope that we are almost done with them though, my legs are really feeling the extra strain and I am pretty sure that I am not alone with that thought.

I planned to commute to work on my bike Tuesday and Thursday; ended up raining on Thursday, so I only was successful Tuesday. It was a lot of fun, and I am looking at ways to do it every week. Now only if swim club wasn’t so darn early, I could do it every day. Alas, I will settle for 2 days a week for now.

I headed out on a proper bike ride Sunday afternoon. Fall is the best time in Calgary as the weather is always predictable and relatively warm; even though it can be a little windy. Well, Sunday afternoon had some gust over 40km/hr which made the ride out a little tough; living and training in Calgary you can’t be scared of the wind. My road bike is awesome to climb and descend on. I feel comfortable at high speed (+60km/hr) and feel like I can push heading up the hills. I have found that it is a little slower on the flats. I wonder if it is just a mind set, or actual mechanical.

Our bathroom renovation is going good. It is a little slow for my liking, but when you have a full time job, family, and training schedule it is tough to dedicate a full weekend to working on renovation. We are thinking of starting a blog dedicated to our renovation; our story is pretty funny so far with scandal, firings, and asbestos. Stay tuned as I will no doubt shamelessly plug it if we do.

Anyways, I got most of the rough in work finished, all I need is an electrician to run the lights and plugs and I am ready for inspection. I will be biting my nails, more than normal, when he shows up.

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Every Friday morning, my company has donuts, muffins, and bagels delivered. Now I don’t typically eat any as I don’t like the products from Tim Hortons. If I am gonna cheat, then it better be good, but that is beside the point.

About a year ago, they stopped delivering bagels and muffins, opting to just send donuts at my companies request. Let me tell you, the uprising from some of the people was similar to protests back in the 70’s. People were angry that there were no more bagels. Not too long after, they started delivering bagels again. The problem? No one eats the bagels anymore. They fought for them, and then ignore them.

Can’t figure that one out.

Question: Do you find your road bike slower on average than your TT/Triathlon bike?


Recap – Week 35

I already cheated on my Whole 30 Challenge. Oops.


Swim – 1:45:00 – 4900m
Bike – 3:00:00 – 80km
Run – 1:13:23 – 15.43km

Total – 5:58:33

I got back into the swing of things this week. I am attempting a 10K PR on September 8th at the Calgary Corporate Challenge road race; I finished last year in 44:20 (4:26/km). I have been slacking on the run training over the past 4 weeks, so I am not sure how it will go, but why not give it all I got.

Training has been decent, all except I showed up at the YMCA on Monday morning for swim club only to find out that the session ended the previous Friday and the club is taking a 2 week break. That will teach me for not reading the class schedule. Had a great swim anyways, the club is pretty intense so most of the athletes showed up anyways. We swam a 2400m broken ladder with a decent pace.

I took my bike out on Saturday afternoon determined to tackle the Glen Eagles hill. For those not in Calgary, you should be, it is one of the steepest and longest hills around; 3.1km long with an elevation change of 200m. My calculation puts it at a 6.5% grade. I appreciate it is not much compared to Alp d’Huez, but for an amateur triathlete, it is a tough climb. So I biked the 21km to the top from my house, stopped to eat a banana and check the wind, and decided to descend. Being this was my first time, I sat up about half way down as I didn’t know what was around the bend and at the bottom. A short tour around Cochrane to turn around, and I was on my way back up.

It was hot and the climb was tough. Come to think of it, it wasn’t as tough as I thought it would be. It can be intimidating when you hear the vehicles, especially the trucks, accelerating past you. At some points I had to just keep looking forward and hope I didn’t get run over. Below is the GPS track of my ride. A couple of things to note, (1) I was nervous on the way down, but my heart rate was not 240, and (2) my GPS died at the top of the hill.


My GPS died twice this week; it has a habit of doing that on a critical training rides. I need to figure out a way to remind myself to charge it when it needs to be charged. Seems simple right? Well, I have proven that it is not.

So this past Sunday was supposed to be the start of my Whole 30 Challenge. Instead, after eating a huge piece of pie at my parents house on Wednesday for desert, I decided to start the following day. So I cheated and started early. Sorry. I am enjoying it so far. Nothing really huge to report in the cravings department, except I really wanted a cookie the other day while I was ordering a coffee at Starbucks. The White Chocolate Macadamia is fantastic.

I started running with a buddy this week as well. I have a hard time finding someone to run with as most think that I am too fast for them. Little do they know that isn’t the case, but try to convince someone of that is like pulling teeth. It is a different experience running with someone, and I am not sure if I like it, but I will take a couple of more sessions to make up my mind. I like to talk; okay understatement, sometimes I can’t shut up. Get me talking about foot strike, bikes, or pretty much anything to do with triathlon and I can run your ear off. The problem with running with a buddy, most of the time you don’t have the ability to talk because you are out of breath.

Kinda makes me think; what is the point?

Question: Do you run with a partner? Do you find it beneficial?

Cheating, Is It Wrong?

Before I get everyone too mad, I am talking about food.

If you have ever tried to watch what you eat, eliminate something from your diet, avoid less than optimal ingredients, or shed a couple of extra pounds (who hasn’t?) then you can appreciate how tough it can be can stick with the plan. Your mind can take over, and the progression can be something like this.

Somehow, someway your tempting food has come into your posession. It can be pre-meditated, you grabbed it conciously in the market and insist that you can keep it in the wrapper. It can be accidental, they were delivered to the office and set out for all to enjoy. It can be unavoidable, you are heading to a pasta restaurant for lunch with family.

Myself, I walk by a fresh food market on my way home each afternoon. Most times I resist going in, sometimes go in and leave with an apple, and once in awhile, a cookie makes the trip with me.

Well alright, maybe I will have a single bite. I mean, the 30 calories can’t hurt right, so you chow down on a piece. You then proceed to put therest aside and try to forget it exists.

But it never works the way you want it too. Not much longer, you begin to think about it again. “Man it did taste good”.

Well alright, maybe just one more piece. I mean, 60 calories can’t hurt right. I wont need another piece if I have this one, so you chow down on your second piece. This time instead of putting the trt away, you foolishly leave it out.

Screw it, I have already ruined (insert your goal here).

So you finish it off sending your satisfaction up and down all at the same time. Up as you have the pleasure of eating what you wanted, and low because you couldn’t keep with your goal.

So is cheating all that bad?

Carb Re-Feeds
It has been proven that a carb refeed, or in lamen terms cheat day, actually helps with fat loss. Mark Sission covers this topic in great detail on his blog, Mark’s Daily Apple, here.

I will dedicate a future post to the various online resources I have used to go Paleo over the last year.

Always having to limit yourself by declining invitations, eating what can be boring food sometimes, and staying away from the bakery at the supermarket is challenging enough. So mentally, a cheat day can help you stay the course, albeit with a quick detour to the local ice cream shop.

This is something I have experimented in over the last 6 months with good success. The ability to treat myself to non-optimal foods has proven to reduce my craving for them during the week and has boosted fat burning. This is all of course if you can keep your cheat day to a ‘day’. This is not an issue for me, but I know several others who have not been able to stop at breakfast the next morning. If this is the case, maybe try a cheat meal to keep things in check.

Question: What do you do when cravings arise? Have you experimented with Carb Re-Feeds?

A Week of Stampede…..

I guess it is more like a week and a half of Stampede.


One hundred years of the Calgary Stampede. We don’t typically celebrate Stampede as we both grew up in Calgary, but now with our daughter, we can’t deny her the adventure.

So we planned a couple of different activities throughout the 10 days to get into the spirit and enjoy what the city has to offer for the centennial celebration.

Parade Day – We try to avoid crowds at all costs; I know what you are thinking, mass swim start and I like to avoid crowds? They typically involve waiting and lots of people. Two things the girls are not fond of, but what’s more Stampede than the parade?

So we went, and hate to admit it, had a blast. Wanted to get out of the house at 0700, ended up bang out of the drive at 0730. We ended up being able to sit front row after the family in front of us had a no show, thanks for that.

Breakfast – The local market was serving up pancakes, sausage, and fruit (I cheated that day) along with a live band and activities for the kids. The highlight was definitely the Rope Making which my daughter got to take home as a souvenir.

She has been lassoing the dog all week.

Grounds – With no rain in the forecast, weird for Stampede week, we decided to hit the grounds despite the heat. We had a great time looking at the animals, playing some games, and riding a couple of rides.

I had to try the Deep Fried Oreo’s, cheating again, and the famous Mini Doughnuts. Each tasted like I thought, fantastic…….then not so much.

All in all it was a great experience, not only for my daughter, but for myself as well. I commented to my wife that we should think less of the headache and more about the positives, and do little adventures more often.

I have added a link to my online photo album, check it out here

Question: What activity have you embarked on despite the potential headaches? How did the experience turn out?