the resistance runs deep, and it continues to warn us of the probability of failing, however small it may be.

don’t give in, fight the resistance, and in the words of seth godin, ship.



those who can’t, teach.

actually, the opposite is true.  the best teachers are ones who have the experience, and have the generous attitude to pass their knowledge on to others.


the world is full of companies that want to change it, and it comes with a cost.  in a world of endless choices, infinite shelf space, and full inboxes, how do we differentiate ourselves?

make it easy to work with you, do business with your company, or use your services.

poor performance?

I was once asked this question in an interview, and my answer at the time was “the manager needs to take responsibility for the poor performance of a team member.”

as a manager, it is your responsibility to provide generous and constructive feedback, then follow up on a regular basis.

as an employee, it is your responsibility to receive generous and constructive criticism, and make the necessary changes.

if both don’t happen, the system fails.