what does it take to be a great manager? ability to make decisions? leadership qualities?

in reality, the best managers take the lead.  they are the ones who allow their team to try anything, with a plan of course, and do one of two things:

give credit to the team for the success, or, take the blame for the failure.


me too

far to many times, when a company is chasing the competition, the strategy revolves around “me too”.

instead of this, find a strategy that resonates with your customers.

how does your product/service/application make their job easier, allow them to do something they couldn’t before, or change their approach?


every company, at some point, needs to make a change.

these changes can be for numerous reasons; an attempt to lead their market segment, respond to a competitor, or position themselves to survive a rough patch.

whatever changes you make, for whatever reason, be upfront with your customers.


one of the hardest, but most generous things to do as a manger is give credit where credit is due.

allow your team members the opportunity to take credit for the great work they do; better yet, give them credit when they deserve it.


the resistance runs deep, and it continues to warn us of the probability of failing, however small it may be.

don’t give in, fight the resistance, and in the words of seth godin, ship.


those who can’t, teach.

actually, the opposite is true.  the best teachers are ones who have the experience, and have the generous attitude to pass their knowledge on to others.