the manufacturer of “i love accordions” bumper sticker has a very narrow market.

if you do indeed heart accordions, and want to let the world know, there is only one place to go.  he found his niche.

what is yours?

ps – it doesn’t have to be something you sell.



everyone is a critic.

one of the most valuable connections you can make is with someone who isn’t afraid to tell you the truth.  don’t think just in the negative way.

honest, generous feedback  is hard to find, but once you do, it can be irreplaceable.

if you are looking for it, try being the person on the other side of the equation.  tell someone who you trust, when they ask, the truth.


I cancelled a credit card a couple years ago; my balance was -$3.57.

the customer service representative told me that they would have a cheque printed and mailed to me in 3-4 weeks.  I told her nicely not to worry about it.

“actually” she said, “our policy will not allow us to do that, we have to send you the cheque.”  then she joked,  “it probably costs us $50 for each one we issue”.

that is crazy.

take an honest look at the policies you have put in place.  do they make sense?  is the benefit worth the risk?

don’t cost yourself $53.57.

mistakes continued

“I quit.”  one of the mistakes I made early in my career.

after getting frustrated with the group I was working for at the time, I decided that a change was needed, and a competitor was my choice.

I should have approached my manager and had a honest conversation about my challenges and any potential solutions before making my decision.

little did I know that a great solution existed within the company; how could I?


one of the best learning opportunities is just after you make a mistake.

have you recognized it?  do you take ownership?

just like with bad ideas, the goal isn’t to avoid mistakes, it is to learn from them.

make someone’s day

“good morning and welcome to downtown calgary.  the temperature currently is….”

if I catch the right train, this is what I hear from the train driver.

the information is not really useful for me; I work in an office.  this certain gentleman decided to generously provide a little information in the event it would help even a single person.

is it sanctioned?  probably not, but who cares, it makes my day.


“junior (blank) available.  must have 10-15 years of experience, BA required, MBA preferred.”

I am always confused with job postings that ask for a large amount of education and experience.  is this what they really want?  or is it a tactic to limit the number of applications by self selection?

when you are looking for help, be honest with yourself; what do I really need, and what qualifications will be best?

in my experience, if you focus on the person, instead of the qualifications, you will not be disappointed.