triathlon and family can mix

About Me

“with a broken collar bone comes time to blog”

I am an amateur triathlete living and training in Calgary, AB with a family who has come along for the ride. It hasn’t always been easy with early morning workouts, cupboards filled with ‘powders’, and endless conversations centering around the latest hydration gear, but we have managed to stick together.

After my injury, and being unable to train and race, I decided to start this blog as a place to share my experience as a triathlete and family man…..or is it family man and triathlete?

My goal is to share my experiences that hopefully will give some insight into how to juggle, yes juggle, family and triathlon.

I am not a doctor, nor do I pretend to be one. Please use the information on my blog as inspiration and not advice.

Contact Information

You can contact me via email and follow me on twitter.


I was always active as a kid, playing mostly baseball in the summers and participating in various sports at school during the winter.  After breaking my ankle in the spring of 2004, sounds like a pattern hey, I began swimming as a way to keep my fitness without the impact of running.  I would  swim 3 days a week with not much attention paid to a workout routine, just logging lengths.  Here is the thing, I enjoyed it, I really enjoyed it.

So how could I compete I thought?  College is out, too old.  Swim club out, way too old.  Masters class, no real ‘winning’ involved.

I started training for a triathlon in January 2011 and have continued since.

Check out my race page for a list of my races completed to date and schedule for the remainder of the year.


One response

  1. Dan MacGregor

    There are “Masters’ swim clubs” in Calgary. People over the age of 25 and up to in their 80’s – ok, the numbers start to thin out in the 60’s. They enter master’s swim meets. They do all strokes and all distances. Some even enter into open water swims – Kelowna’s Across the Lake swim in mid summer is always very popular and regularly sells out its 450 starting spots. World Masters Swim Championships are in Montreal this summer (2014) – there could be over 2,000 swimmers participating over a full week. Winning isn’t necessarily finishing first or besting the person you train with. Everyone has an off day. Look within to determine if you have won.

    Just found your blog – I must pay closer attention, I thought for sure that you swim 3 hours a week.

    December 2, 2013 at 2:49 pm

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