triathlon and family can mix

I’m Hungry

and tired. Did I mention that I am hungry?


Swim – 2:15:00 (p) – 2:15:00 (a) – 6500m
Bike – 4:30:00 (p) – 4:28:29 (a) – 150.03km
Run – 2:30:00 (p) – 2:34:18 (a) – 31.02km

Total – 9:15:00 (p) – 9:17:47 (a)

Great numbers this week. I was able to hit all of my planned intervals and even survived a 2:30 EM on the trainer. I had planned on a great route for Saturday morning, but mother nature had other plans.

Ah, spring in Calgary.

Saturday’s ride called for Power Intervals, the workout looked like this:


Each PI was at 310W and each recovery at 180W. Let me tell you, that second hour went by pretty fast though it was hard to keep my legs turning for the last 30.

With my volume ramping up over the past couple of weeks, I am noticing that I am hungry; all of the time. Most of my workouts are scheduled for early morning; I am usually out of bed by 0500 and on the bike or run by 0530 or in the pool by 0600. This doesn’t give me much time to eat prior.

When my workout was 60 minutes long I had no issues; I could finish strong and eat my recovery meal (eggs and sweet potato) before I hit the showers without my stomach giving me grief. Now that I rarely have a single workout, brick sessions anyone, I am looking for some workout energy that has some protein included. I reckon if I can figure this one out, then Ironman Calgary should be a breeze.

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The Giro d’Italia starts tomorrow, oddly enough in Belfast. The first of the three grand tours kicks off with my favorite kind of stage, the Team Time Trial. As a triathlete I love the TT and the pain associated with it. I reckon no one can get on a TT bike and pedal anything less than 100%; I know I can’t.

This years’ race will be pretty awesome as some of the big names have decided to forgo the Giro in favor for the Tour de France. With Nibali, Froome, and Contador all missing, the race is open for many contenders. My hopes lie with Hesjedal from Garmin-Sharp; a fellow Canadian and winner of the 2012 edition he has to be my favorite. Along side Dan Martin, who had a great spring season, I wonder how much damage Garmin could do.

Question: How do you increase your calorie intake during training?


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