triathlon and family can mix

Coaching, Weather, and Breaststroke

Yeah buddy, week 2 down and feeling good.


Swim – 1:45:00 (p) – 2:00:00 (a) – 5200m
Bike – 3:00:00 (p) – 3:00:25 (a) – 92.92km
Run – 2:15:00 (p) – 2:20:00 (a) – 28.56km

Total – 7:00:00 (p) – 7:20:24 (a)

Things clicked this week, I am feeling efficient in the pool, strong on the bike, and fast on the run. There was no pesky conference calls, meetings, or other distraction keeping me from completing each session and intervals as planned.

Check one for the good guy.

Friday was a holiday, so I was on my own for a swim. I am still surprised that some people feel it is acceptable to swim head-up breaststroke in the fast lane. Come on, when I flip turn and swim 1:20/100m, maybe time to change lanes. Sorry, I digress.

It has been great weather here in Calgary over the past couple of weeks, and as luck would have it, I have had runs planned for the last 2 weekends. Problem you say? Well yeah.

I can run weekday mornings; getting out of the house around 0530 gets me home just as the girls are waking up. I can’t however, do the same on the bike. Most of my rides are on the weekend when I can get up a little later with the sun and head for a couple of hours. No problem though, a little later in the year and I should be able to squeeze in an hour in the morning while watching the sunrise. Not a bad way to start your day I reckon.

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My daughter starts ball this week, Tuesday and Thursday nights. Somehow I got talked into being an assistant coach this year. By somehow I mean I volunteered.

I played ball competitively as kid making it pretty high in the league before I graduated high school. Now I didn’t have to turn away a college scholarship or anything, but I was pretty good.

I always decided to not coach my little one until she was 9 or 10, wanting her to enjoy playing for the first couple of years before I got my competitive hands in the mix.

Well, here I am. She is 7. I am coaching. Let’s see how well I do.

Question: Are you able to get an early morning weekday bike ride in? How?


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