triathlon and family can mix

Finally, The Weekend is Upon Us

Nothing like being able to release the shackles at the end of the day, who am I kidding, lunch time, and head home to hang with the family. Or if you don’t have kids, then you are probably off for dinner with friends and sleeping in. Not that I envy you or anything like that…..

Again, taking inspiration from Dave, if you need a little laugh or inspiration to start the weekend off right then I am at your service.

A buddy of mine has this on the wall in his office; I can’t walk by without having a little chuckle. Probably because it is so true.


I use visualization in my everyday life, I first learnt about it playing baseball as a kid. My coach would have us see the ball hit the bat, rounding third heading for home, or if the ball came to us what we would do. I do the same on the beach before a race and on the way into the office each morning. If I can visualize it, then I can make it happen.


I dig music, and by dig, I mean obsess about it. A good song can give you the energy to finish the end of an interval, make Saturday morning chores fun, and inspire. A bad song can do the opposite. Right now I am junto Sufjan Stevens; specifically his ‘Illinois’ album. It is pretty mellow, but most of the time, that is what I need.


I promised my lane 3 swimming buddies I would make this one. When ever we have an extra 5 minutes after a workout, our coach always has us do sprints. Sometimes it is 4x25m, but it can turn out to be worse. We try our best never to end early.

Eau Claire YMCA Tri Club

I just really thought this was hilarious and fitting for an athlete. Not many days go by that I don’t think about eating an entire pie. We can and we will…..

eyes and stomach

Have a good weekend guys. Train safe and sleep in.


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  1. hahaha… bad ass unicorn!

    March 24, 2014 at 12:26 pm

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