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How Do You See It?

It is all how you identify it in your mind.


Transport back in the future, about 12 years should do it. I had just graduated from college and flopped at my first job. It was in the field, working 20-25 days a month, in the middle of nowhere, and hating every minute of it. Once I returned to Calgary my girlfriend (who ended up marrying me in 2006) suggested that I read this book called ‘Awaken the Giant Within’.

I resisted at first. It is my nature to want to do the opposite of what others suggest.

I hate to admit it, but reading it really changed my life. I took the advice in the book and tried to implement as much as I could. Immediately things started to turn around. I found a job which led me to the career that I wanted and I continue to enjoy it today.

The one part that stuck with me all these years was Anthony’s comment about your state of mind; how you identify a problem in your mind will determine your outlook. He tells it in a story that goes something like this:

Two brothers, one a high powered executive and the other arguably less successful , are interviewed about the path their life has taken. Their father was as abusive to their mother and to both of them. When both were asked why they ended up at this position in their lives, they both responded “with the childhood I had, what else could I have become?”

It is all how you identify it in your mind; a positive mind set will change the way you look at yourself, the way others look at you, and the outcome of a situation. I don’t know about you, but I want to be around people who effect my life positively. Who am I kidding, I know that is what you want as well.

There are many ways to train your mind to respond positively to adverse conditions; be it a triathlon, boring meeting, or mid-fight with the wife. Anthony suggests a 10 day challenge where you resist the temptation to speak or think a negative thought. Sounds tough? It is, but it sure helped despite not getting past day 3 on several attempts. I have also completed the 21 Day No Complaint Challenge which I found helped establish not only a positive, but a solution focused mid set.

It has changed my life and is definitely worth it.

Question: What do you see?


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