triathlon and family can mix

Winter Training

“Medals are won in the winter, and picked up in the summer.”


So here I am, races are finished for the year, and I have a decent idea of what my race schedule looks like for next year. As hard as it was to nail that down, I reckon that was the easy part. Now comes the hard part, deciding when to train, what to train, and how long to train each week. Throw in family, job, and free time; the balancing act begins.

Last year I had my balance pretty decent. I peaked at a maximum of 9 hours per week including a couple of strength sessions, and I was happy with my results. I had an adequate amount of rest each week, and my workouts were scheduled to allow me the greatest amount of time at home with the family. Of course, there was times where my wife was chapped that I was off on the bike instead of helping around the house, but I am paying her back with a shinny new bathroom as we speak.

So what does my schedule look like? I am glad you asked, because this post would be pretty short if you hadn’t.

Week of October 21 Workout AM Workout PM
Monday Swim – 1:00:00 Strength – 0:45:00
Tuesday Bike – EM – 1:00:00 Run – ER – 0:40:00
Wednesday Swim – 1:00:00
Thursday Strength – 0:45:00
Friday Swim – 1:00:00 Bike – EM – 1:00:00
Saturday Run – ER- 0:45:00
Sunday REST

The only thing that changes on a regular basis is the length and/or the intensity; I plan this on Sunday based on how my week previous went. For example, I am running in a couple half marathons early in 2014, February being the first. I will gradually increase the length of my run workouts to get in the 2 hour range by mid December. If I miss a long run, or just not feeling great, I will keep everything the same as the previous week and try to change things the following week.

I have to be a little honest, the swim club three days a week kinda messes with the scheduling, In a prefect world I would move a couple things around to run three days a week, probably getting rid of the swim on Wednesday. Here is the thing, I really like swimming and the chance to workout with a group is too appealing to change anything right now.

It is going to be a busy off season, but I am hoping to pick up some medals in the summer…..well, maybe not so much, but you never know.

Oh, and yes, I posted a picture of a gold medal from Sydney in 2000 in honor of Simon Whitfield; he represented Canada then and continues to this day. I am proud to be a Canadian triathlete because of athletes like him.

Question – How is your winter scheduling coming along?


2 responses

  1. Great post! I’m wrestling with the same challenge these days – what to do (and how much to do) in the off season. Really like that you’re doing the extra swim because you enjoy it – so important in the off season to keep it fun and enjoyable.

    October 28, 2013 at 7:55 am

    • Thanks man. I agree, keeping training fun will keep it from becoming a chore. Even though my shoulders are mad at me right now from 3 days in the pool…..

      Good luck in the winter months.

      October 28, 2013 at 10:30 am

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