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Recap – Week 41

Theme of the week? Recovery.


Swim – 2:00:00 – 5050m
Bike – 0:45:00 – 25.26km
Run – 0:33:13 – 6.87km

Total – 3:18:33

Not the good kind of recovery, like after a great training block or a race where you gave it your all, but the phlegm producing, I’m almost better kind of recovery. I haven’t been this sick for a long time. Typically I can kick a cold or flu to the curb in about 3 days and be none worse for the wear, but this one stuck around for a while.

I was able to get on the trainer Friday night for the first time this fall. Exciting right? Well, actually it wasn’t all that bad. One thing I found in addition to the five points for pro trainer in my post, To Ride or Not to Ride, is that the trainer will show you very quickly any problems with your mechanics. You can hear instantly when you have a choppy pedal turnover and make adjustments on the fly to correct the problem. I also like the power readings; I don’t ride with a power meter for a couple reasons, cost being the first and foremost.

I also got out Sunday night for a run at about 2030; I forgot how great it is to run under the stars. It was a great run and I returned home a little quicker than anticipated. I thought about heading out for a another loop, but having a whopping total of 0km the previous week, I figured a good 30 minutes a great start to getting back into things.

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Ironman World Championship went this weekend, and from what I saw and read, it was a great race. I know a couple of age groupers who qualified at Ironman Wisconsin about a month back, and I am secretly a little jealous. It would be an experience and a half to line up at Kona with arguably the best triathletes on arguably the toughest course in the world.

Case in point: Mirinda Carfrae dominates the run and finishes with a course record. Not only that, I only count two faster run splits all day from the entire field. Being around this excellence has to rub off doesn’t it?

I could use a little of that run speed.

Question: Did you tune in race day? What are your thoughts?


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