triathlon and family can mix

Recap – Week 40

I haven’t been this sick in a while.


Swim – 0:25:00 – 1200m
Bike – 1:25:00 – 34.6km
Run – 0:00:00 – 0km

Total – 1:50:00

So this week, as you can tell, was pretty light. I spent most of the week huddled on the couch recovering from a nasty flu. I know that sometimes, you can continue with your training at a reduced intensity level and do fine. Not me, not this time. My energy was about zero this week, and riding to and from work on Tuesday didn’t help.

My wife said it was a bad idea, but being a typical man, I didn’t listen.

I chose to skip swim club on Friday morning, instead opting for a lunch time swim instead. I ended up feeling pretty decent at the end of it, even though I shared the lane with a couple of guys who had the worst lane etiquette. Sometimes I have thoughts of laminating a link to a couple of my blog posts, Swim Etiquette and Round Two, and passing it to them before they get out of the pool. This is one of the positives of swimming with a club, top three at least.

Feeling sorry for myself was getting me nowhere up until Wednesday, so I decided that I was no longer sick. Wouldn’t you know it, it kinda worked. I ended up having more energy (not enough to go for run mind you) and headed out Thursday evening with some brothers. A good home cooked meal, and some scotch never hurt anyone.

The weekend was full of renovations again. I was finally able to get my bathroom rough-in’s completed, and after a couple of leaks fixed in the plumbing, I am ready for the inspector. I have determined that up to this point, why anyone would become a plumber is beyond me. I hate copper, soldering, and ABS glue. In the rest of the house I may contract the plumbing so I can be rid of that infernal task.

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This weekend we hiked through the Tuscany ravine. Fall in Calgary is the best 2 1/2 weeks of the year. The colors on the trees are great, and the temperature means you can head out all day without the risk of freezing or boiling. We had a great time exploring the creek (which was wet this year), climbing the fallen trees, and looking for shelters kids have made. I think every weekend until the snow flies will have a hike like that.

About half way in, my wife looks at me and says “I have a problem with my coffee”. Looking at her I responded “well, Starbucks is pretty much everywhere these days, but I am confident one hasn’t opened down here. At least not yet.” Seriously, how many do we need?

Question: What are your thoughts on swim etiquette?


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