triathlon and family can mix

Recap – Week 39

Running in a different city can be fun. Right?


Swim – 2:00:00 – 5050m
Bike – 1:25:00 – 35.10km
Run – 1:09:39 – 12.93km

Total – 4:34:39

Fins and blisters, blisters and fins. Man, my feet are getting pretty beat up. Good thing I was travelling on business and missed swim club Friday morning. I am still having a blast despite the sore feet and legs. We are really dialing in on the top part of the catch, and I am finally feeling that ‘surge’ with each stroke. I have no idea how fast I am over 100m, but I am sure that I will figure it out sooner rather than later.

I traveled to Edmonton this week for some training. With nothing to do during the evenings except eat and drink, I typically head to the local YMCA for a swim or run. This time I decided to head for a run and looked for a pathway through the Black Mud ravine. So I parked at the top of where I thought the path started. Well I was right, but only to a certain extent. The path lead behind some pretty nice houses for about 700m, then came to an abrupt end. So I turned around, and headed down the hill along a dirt path. It was great for about 200m, the it turns into a road, goes under the bridge, and quickly back uphill toward the street. By this point, I am about 8 minutes in.

Long story short, the rest of my run is through the communities surrounding this great ravine with no pathway system. A tad disappointing.

More disappointing than that; I got back to the hotel and immediately felt like I was getting sick. Well my feeling was right. Not more that a couple of hours later, wouldn’t you know it, man cold.


So my training hours are slightly effected, but I needed the rest anyways. I think by mid next week I will be back at it again.

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Notice a pattern? Ironman tattoo has been my most viewed post for about 6 months in a row. It would seem that a lot of Ironman finishers are looking for advice on if, what, and where. It makes me think would I change my toughts. To recap slightly, even if I finished and Ironman, I would forego the tattoo. It seems overdone.

Come to think of it, the more and more I do this triathlon thing, the more I want to compete in a long course. Two years ago, I don’t think that thought would have entered my head. Weird.

Question: What do you do when travelling on business? Do you pack your workout gear?


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