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Whole 30 – Day 26

So here we are, less than a week from the end.


I am happy to report that I am really starting to enjoy this. I am still missing certain things, specifically cream in my coffee. I really like adding coconut milk, and if I had the choice, I would never use coffee cream again. But when I show up a the Starbucks with my own coconut milk can, they look at me like I am crazy.

I am also missing a good way to get more food into my system. With my training load, I am hungry a lot. Now I can only add so many additional chicken thighs before my body doesn’t want to eat any more. I think on swim days, the days I am the most hungry, I am gonna try bringing an additional meal, and chowing on that mid morning.

Other than that, I am still feeling great. I commuted on my bike this morning to the office, a total of 17.5km one way. Now that distance is pretty easy for me, but the fact I could eat breakfast, bike in, and feel full until lunch was awesome. Not too mention that my stomach didn’t give me any issues. With a standard breakfast, say pancakes, I wouldn’t have been able to say the same thing.

I had to up the amount of food for breakfast and lunch due to the hunger last week. It seems to have done the trick so far, but we will see how tomorrow goes after swimming. I am always starving after laps.

On the menu this week
Breakfast – Burgers with green beans, sweet potato, and a handful of coconut flakes
Lunch – Chick Thighs with salad, roasted beets, avocado, and olives
Post Workout – Burger with sweet potato

My next recap will be Day 30 and the official end of the challenge. Thoughts are swirling in my head of what I want to eat once I am officially finished. Should it be a cookie, muffin, bowl of ice cream, chocolate covered almonds, rice crispy square, or pancakes? I feel this is a tough decision as I don’t want to waste the opportunity as I am sure I won’t have more than one before I revert back to my Whole 30 ways.

Maybe I will just see where the day takes me.

I am going to hit the scale on Saturday morning to see my progress. As I started this 3 days early, I didn’t weight myself before, so I will have to guess on my progress. I don’t feel much lighter, but I am convinced that I have traded in some body fat for muscle. I can visually tell. The numbers won’t lie.

Question: What would you first go for after your Whole 30 challenge is over?


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