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Recap – Week 37

Swim club is back into full swing, can you tell?


Swim – 2:55:00 – 6200m
Bike – 2:59:29 – 87.3km
Run – 0:33:26 – 6.42km

Total – 6:27:55

Our swim coach commented that the next 4 weeks will be focused on technique, not just cramming in 3000m per session. Well, this week he meant it. Apart from our 400m swim warm up, we haven’t done much swimming. We have been working with fins, drill sets, treading, and pretty much everything else except lunges on the pool deck.

I may have cursed us for the next week by saying that, stay tuned.

Actually, I am already noticing a difference. The top part of my catch is getting a lot better, and as a result, so is my speed. The downside? The blisters on my feet from the fins suck.

I headed out on a bike ride Sunday instead of a run. I really should be hitting the paths a little more with my running shoes, but I rationalized it by saying that I can run at lunch during the week; I can only take my bike out on the weekend. So off I went on my Argon 18 for a quick, but windy, 47km loop. It was great. I took a relatively new route north along the Bearspaw highway to the end and back. I tell you, just outside of Calgary is beautiful country. If I could keep up with the yard work, which I can’t, I would totally move out there.

Anyways, getting back to reality. My Whole 30 Challenge is reaching the finishing leg. Today marks the conclusion of Day 19; two thirds of the way there. I am feeling great, all except I am still snacking after supper. Now, before you grab the pitchforks and gather the Whole 30 mob, my snacks consist mostly of fried eggs and veggies with the occasional handful of walnuts or pistachios. I reckon this isn’t a bad choice considering I am in the 6.5 hours of training load.

I am getting to the point where I don’t crave sweets anymore. Example, we had dinner at Mom and Dad’s last night. They were gracious enough to BBQ a roast without BBQ sauce and serve sweet potato instead of white. I offered to make a salad and brought a Roasted Beet with Pecan and Apple salad, it was delicious. My brother baked an Apple Crisp, it looked and smell fantastic, and served it with Vanilla Ice Cream. Now normally I would have demolished a portion to send me into a insulin induced coma, but instead I sat at table and chomped on a piece of fruit instead.

I think my body is thanking me. You are welcome body.

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This week, my daughter had an ‘episode’ where she blamed us for hurting herself, when it was clearly her fault. We typically try to make situations like this a time to learn from, and not just dish out a punishment; I am the first to admit that I don’t always follow the rule. The lesson was that we need own our decisions, and as such, own the consequences. It can be tough for a 6 year old to learn, nor am I expecting her to. We do need to lay the foundation for the future.

It got me thinking about my decisions; every time I sleep in and miss a workout, or decide to head out instead of spending time with my family, do I own the decision? If the answer is no, I think I need to re-evaluate.

Question: Do you own your decisions? Or blame others?


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  1. The question is how many claim they do! Many are incapable of honesty in that regard. Normally they cop to the easy stuff and punt on the big items.

    September 17, 2013 at 3:04 am

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