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Race Report – Calgary Corporate Challenge 10k

Sometimes, only sometimes, can a fun run turn into a PR attempt.


I ran this last year as a favor to my company’s organizing committee, they were short of runners and didn’t want to forfeit. I ended up having a great time and set a pretty decent time. This year was a little different. I planned to participate months in advance marking it up as my attempt at another 10k PR; and my result didn’t disappoint.

Race morning started a little different for me, as any triathlete can attest to. No transition bags, wetsuits, or race nutrition. Simply put, put your shoes on and run; run like you stole something. Oh, the best part of a running race? No 0645 start times.

After registration the team, all six of us, headed to the start chute. I noticed we were lined up at the 50-60 minute pacing banner, but no worries, I would rather start with the ream than shuffle my way up at the last minute. Passed a lot of people in the first 4km, I guess they all had the same idea as I did. I set in for a decent pace, around 4:20/km, and started setting my sights on the runners ahead of me. I continued to pass runners all the way to the finish. My legs started to pack it in around km 7.8, so I had to convince them to continue on. “Keep Calm and Drop the Hammer” right?

The last 700m or so up hill, kinda cruel for the end of a running race. One runner came up along side, fist bumped, and encouraged me to pick up the pace to the finish line. I happily obliged and kicked it up for the last 200m; it hurt, but I had it in me.

Crossed the line with a 43:36 (4:22/km) finish time. I have no idea how I placed, there were timing chips, but no posted results.


I had fun. It is refreshing to race without the added pressure of a full training season hanging in the balance.

I think that is where some of the ‘after race blues” come from; knowing that your season is over, and 200-300 hours of training ends with a 2-3 hour event.

I will be back again next year, hopefully with another PR under my belt.


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