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Whole 30 – Day 9

Maybe a little random to recap on day 9, but I figured it was about time to write something.


Like I mentioned in Recap – Week 35 I decided to start my first Whole 30 challenge a couple of days early.  Feeling like crap after eating supper is a pretty good motivator. Yes, ‘crap’ is a technical term.

Wouldn’t you know it, things have been going pretty good so far. I haven’t had too many major cravings yet, but I have thought a couple of times “who cares, you can start it again later” or “just don’t tell anyone and you will be fine”. Alas, the Rice Crispy square will stay on the shelf until, well, forever.

With no pre-planning of my own, I ended up fasting thru lunch on Monday. We visited my mother-in-law who is a strict vegetarian, so I knew that there wouldn’t be much in the house for me to chomp on while we were there. She made me a cup of tea, Milk Oolong to be specific, and I hung around talking dogs and house renovations. We got home at around 3 in the afternoon, and I wasn’t really hungry, so I waited until supper.

For most people, I think lunches can be difficult, especially if you eat at the office. I have the same issue, so each Sunday afternoon I grill two proteins and portion them out for the week; 10 dishes in total. I keep four in the fridge for Monday and Tuesday and freeze the rest for the remainder of the week. I also and boil a dozen eggs and cook some sweet potato for workout recovery. It can be some work and planning on Sunday, but man does it ever make things simple the rest of the week.

This week on the menu:

Breakfast – Pork Roast (slow cooked on the grill), steamed Broccoli, and a handful of Olives.
Lunch – Sexy Time Steak (from Four Hour Chef), Salad, and a whole Avacado.
Workout Recovery – Boiled Eggs (2) and a Banana.

I snacked pretty decent as well. I usually just grab something in the house, typically a piece of fruit, nuts, or some left overs.

A huge positive with the Whole 30 thing; I don’t feel panic stricken when my meal is a little late, or in the case on Monday, completely missing. Little each day I am finding more control over my appetite and really not missing much in the way of sweets. I have been probably over indulging on the dried apricots over the last couple of days, but after swim club as any swimmer can attest to, the hunger won’t go away. I’m working on it.

One negative, and I am not sure if this is related, but I woke up last night with a nasty stomach ache. Not a stomach ache from hunger, but a sharp pain from my belly button up toward my chest. I got out of bed, took a little walk around the house to see if I was cramping; nothing. So I ended up falling back asleep about 20 minutes later and when I woke up, the pain was gone. I am glad it was, but I will keep close attention to how I feel over the next couple of days. Hopefully just a freak occurrence.

Question: How do you tackle lunches during the week?


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