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Recap – Week 35

I already cheated on my Whole 30 Challenge. Oops.


Swim – 1:45:00 – 4900m
Bike – 3:00:00 – 80km
Run – 1:13:23 – 15.43km

Total – 5:58:33

I got back into the swing of things this week. I am attempting a 10K PR on September 8th at the Calgary Corporate Challenge road race; I finished last year in 44:20 (4:26/km). I have been slacking on the run training over the past 4 weeks, so I am not sure how it will go, but why not give it all I got.

Training has been decent, all except I showed up at the YMCA on Monday morning for swim club only to find out that the session ended the previous Friday and the club is taking a 2 week break. That will teach me for not reading the class schedule. Had a great swim anyways, the club is pretty intense so most of the athletes showed up anyways. We swam a 2400m broken ladder with a decent pace.

I took my bike out on Saturday afternoon determined to tackle the Glen Eagles hill. For those not in Calgary, you should be, it is one of the steepest and longest hills around; 3.1km long with an elevation change of 200m. My calculation puts it at a 6.5% grade. I appreciate it is not much compared to Alp d’Huez, but for an amateur triathlete, it is a tough climb. So I biked the 21km to the top from my house, stopped to eat a banana and check the wind, and decided to descend. Being this was my first time, I sat up about half way down as I didn’t know what was around the bend and at the bottom. A short tour around Cochrane to turn around, and I was on my way back up.

It was hot and the climb was tough. Come to think of it, it wasn’t as tough as I thought it would be. It can be intimidating when you hear the vehicles, especially the trucks, accelerating past you. At some points I had to just keep looking forward and hope I didn’t get run over. Below is the GPS track of my ride. A couple of things to note, (1) I was nervous on the way down, but my heart rate was not 240, and (2) my GPS died at the top of the hill.


My GPS died twice this week; it has a habit of doing that on a critical training rides. I need to figure out a way to remind myself to charge it when it needs to be charged. Seems simple right? Well, I have proven that it is not.

So this past Sunday was supposed to be the start of my Whole 30 Challenge. Instead, after eating a huge piece of pie at my parents house on Wednesday for desert, I decided to start the following day. So I cheated and started early. Sorry. I am enjoying it so far. Nothing really huge to report in the cravings department, except I really wanted a cookie the other day while I was ordering a coffee at Starbucks. The White Chocolate Macadamia is fantastic.

I started running with a buddy this week as well. I have a hard time finding someone to run with as most think that I am too fast for them. Little do they know that isn’t the case, but try to convince someone of that is like pulling teeth. It is a different experience running with someone, and I am not sure if I like it, but I will take a couple of more sessions to make up my mind. I like to talk; okay understatement, sometimes I can’t shut up. Get me talking about foot strike, bikes, or pretty much anything to do with triathlon and I can run your ear off. The problem with running with a buddy, most of the time you don’t have the ability to talk because you are out of breath.

Kinda makes me think; what is the point?

Question: Do you run with a partner? Do you find it beneficial?


2 responses

  1. I sometimes run with my wife or my cousin – and I also talk their ears off when we run. I find running with others helps push my pace a bit (I’m usually the slower one), and keeps me honest about talking walk breaks when I need them, not just when I’m feeling tired or lazy

    September 5, 2013 at 6:56 am

    • Agreed, so much easier to stop when you are alone. I think the opposite could be true as well, running with a partner could help you keep a slower pace when speed isn’t on the agenda.

      September 5, 2013 at 8:22 am

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