triathlon and family can mix

Recap – Week 34

Ah, rest and relaxation


Swim – 0:15:10 – 1310m
Bike – 1:00 – 27.9km
Run – 0:34:53 – 6.99km
Total – 1:50:04

Alright, this should catch me up after missing a couple of scheduled recaps due to vacation.

This week was our annual pilgrimage to Sicamous, a place my family has gone for about 20 years now. The weather was decent, with a couple of days of scorching weather that we took full advantage of.

Leaving Calgary on Saturday, we got out of the house at a decent time. I have two girls and a dog; being on the road at 0900 is decent. After a couple of stops for bathrooms, we arrive in Golden to find that the Highway between Golden and Revelstoke closed due to a vehicle incident. Fast forward 5 hours, several coffees, and lunch we are on the road again. I can’t complain about having to wait, better to wait in Golden than be part of the vehicle incident.

Getting in later than we expected threw us for a loop, but we managed to get setup in order to enjoy our first day without to much running around. I mentioned that I had borrowed a ‘speedsuit’ from my swim coach to test out in the water, and on Tuesday afternoon I had a chance to test it out. Man, I l really liked the feeling of my arms bare. It let me feel the water better than a sleeved wetsuit and the range of motion is much better.

The rest of the week was uneventful, just as we planned it. We ended up leaving a day early as the weather turned to rain, but all in all it was a good vacation. The extra day at home allowed me to sneak in a quick hour on the bike Sunday afternoon. It was great to get out and feel the wind again.

I am prepping for the start of my While 30 Challenge by studying ingredient lists of some of the food in our house. Most products are pretty decent, but the one that scared me the most is Sweet Relish. I never realized how many artificial colors are in it; not to mention the sugar. Wow. I never ate the stuff, but I will now try to limit the amount my daughter eats.


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So back to a semi-structured training plan. I am participating in the Calgary Corporate Challenge 10K road race in a couple weeks time. I was aiming for a sub 40min finish, but I may have to pull that back just a bit based on my performance over the past 4 weeks.

Question: How do you spend your first couple of weeks after the race season?


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