triathlon and family can mix

Race Report – Lake Chaparral KOS and Olympic Distance

My daughter races the Kids of Steel, I race the Olympic distance.


I have got in a habit of writing short and sweet race reports, so my next challenge is to fit two reports in the same space as one. Try anything once right? So here I go, KOS first, Olympic after.

They revised the course for the 7 & under as the boat ramp was pretty slippery. We would swim along the shore, up the beach, then into transition. Great, water, sand, and sensitive skin. I quickly tried to figure out a way to clean off her feet, and the wet grass would do the trick between the sand and pathway. We got in the water, waited for the start, and got our motorboat on. It was a long run, who I am kidding, walk to transition.

Once we got there, she changed and off she went on the bike alone. Before the race, she asked me to swim with her, but she could do the bike and run alone. Well after she came off the bike, she wanted me to run with her to the finish. So there I am, wet shorts and nothing else running the KOS run course with my daughter. It was kinda fun, but kinda weird at the same time.

Hit the aid station (always have to) and worked her way to the finish. The great thing about kids is that they don’t care about their time, or how they finish. Actually, I am not sure if she really knew it was a race.

No matter, we had a great time playing on the beach before and after the race, munching on post race snacks, and celebrating when we got home.

Now onto the main event.

I had a decent swim by my standards. The start was the most hectic I have been in for a while as I started near the front, smack in the middle of the pack. I didn’t get kicked in the face, but I did knock elbows, knees, and feet with most everyone around me. This lasted for about 300m, and once we hit the first buoy I was clear. Tried to catch a quick group 10m ahead of me, couldn’t for the entire 2 laps of the lake.

On to the bike. I noticed a racer that I competed against at Chinook (tough to miss a BMC Time Machine) who passed me on the bike with a little attitude. I made a point to pass him when I could, and succeeded at km 6 never to see him again. Come to think of it, I hope he is alright and didn’t have a flat or something. I crushed each uphill section, standing for the last 50m or so to keep my speed and cadence high for the flat section. Before I knew it, I was coming up the hill for the last time and heading into T2.

I was targeting a fast run, but today was not my day. Not sure if it was the effort on the bike, but I couldn’t convince my legs to keep my pace above 4:40/km after the first 1.5k. I settled in for a tough run, but was determined to finish under 50 minutes. I eventually crossed the finish line with total time of 2:23:23 (49:45 10k run split). I was a little bummed as my main rival was 3 mins ahead of me out of T2, and with a 42 min 10k, I would have raced him to the finish line.

Still, not too shabby; beat my time from last year by 8:06 and placed in the top 10.

Overall it was a great weekend. I enjoy the ability to share racing with my family and not just have them come out a watch as I race past. I may even try to convince my wife to participate in the relay next year. Stay tuned to see how good of a salesman I really am.

Question: Did you race on the weekend? How did it go?


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