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21 Day No Complaint Challenge

“Man, this is gonna be hard.” Beep, start again.


21 Days, No Complaining, No Rumors, No Problem? It is harder than it looks.

About 18 months ago I challenged 10 of my coworkers to the challenge all for a single purpose; to have others along for the ride while I attempted to change my mindset toward a positive, result oriented focus. As motivation, I offered a reward for the first person who completed the challenge. It was based on the honor system, with a couple of friends thinking it would be a cake walk.

It took me a total of 58 days to complete, which included quitting my job, travelling to Cuba, and starting a business. No one has stepped up to claim their prize.  So when my friends approached me last week to start the challenge over, I agreed in about 3 seconds.

We started on Monday morning, technically at midnight.  Depending on when you woke up, you already had a 5-8 hour head start.

To refresh what the challenge is all about, here are the rules:

Refrain from complaining or gossiping for a total of 21 days.
To remind you of your challenge, you can order a bracelet from the original creator’s website, A Complaint Free World, or use the widget on your computer. I have found that the bracelet works much better as you can’t take you 24 inch monitor with you to the post office or coffee shop. We used LiveStrong bracelets as they are readily available.

If at some point you catch yourself complaining, or someone else catches you, restart at day 0.
I can be pretty simple too, “Man I hate the rain” or “What a jerk”. Three words, reset. Switch your bracelet to the opposite wrist and restart the count.

A complaint can be offered, as long a solution is offered with it.*
By offering a solution, you complaint is still valid, and others are willing to listen and more importantly help you solve it. No one wants to be around someone who complains, but they do want to be around someone who can solve issues.

*Modification from the original challenge. Offers the opportunity to practice a result oriented focus.

I will dedicate a future post to what I found changed in my mindset, how others responded, and how hard it actually is.

So stay tuned for my progress, I will update frequently on twitter.

Question: Have you tried it? Do you want to join our current challenge?


2 responses

  1. I love this. I think I’m going to join in on this challenge. I love the idea behind your blog by the way. I’m really interested in triathlon, but right now only have running under my belt right now.
    I think an interesting challenge to follow this one up with would be a 30 day no excuses challenge, where you own up to every failure to act, mistake, etc that you make. 30 days of acknowledging that you have complete control of the direction you want your life to take, and banishing the excuses “not enough time,” “too old,” “not smart enough,” etc.

    July 18, 2013 at 7:52 am

    • That is awesome, welcome. Oh, and the idea of a 30 day no excuse challenge sounds interesting.

      Thanks for your comment about the blog. Triathlon is an awesome sport, with even better people. Totally worth the effort.

      July 18, 2013 at 12:14 pm

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