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I Heart YYC

Mother Nature can be a cruel mistress.


Things have been crazy over the past 8 days here in Calgary. To bring you up to speed in one word, FLOOD.

Highest river levels in recent years, 26 communities effected, approximately 75,000 people evacuated, and I reckon about another 100,000 without power for multiple days. I am born and raised, damn proud, and I have never seen anything like this.

Sure, I am talking about the water. Dude, there was a river, actual flowing water, in the streets of Bowness. The exact spot where I spend a lot of time tearing up the pavement with my tires and shoes was under about 3 feet of water. Houses destroyed. Personal belongings gone. Bowness and Prince’s Island parks did not exist for about 6 days.

More than the water, I am talking about this town. Calgarians are awesome. I can’t recount the amount of people who were offering their home as a place for people to stay, complete strangers. There we masses of people looking for a place to volunteer; if you needed someone, there was at least three that showed up. Construction companies offering to pump basements for free, then working their way down the block offering the same to anyone who needed it. Numerous BBQ’s spring up each day to cook for residents and volunteers in effected areas. People banded together to help out each other in any way that they could.

The personification of this spirit lies no further than the office of the Mayor. Nenshi, so cool I can call him that like we are tight or something, was the voice of our city. With his guidance, the emergency crews swept through our city making sure everyone was safe. They did an awesome job. They restored access and power when they felt it was safe; can’t say the same for CP Rail. Our drinking water wasn’t effected, even though the crowds panicked a little bit at the beginning.

The past 8 days has shown our city, and the rest of the world, that Calgary is awesome.

I am proud, now more than ever, to be Calgarian.


Question: What is your experience during the flood?


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