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Try This Triathlon Airdrie – Race Report

This was my first race in Airdrie. Actually, it was everyone’s first race in Airdrie.


I have a special place for this race as it was my first triathlon back in 2011, and the one that eventually got he hooked. After the Olympic event was cancelled due to lack of registration (11 including me), traffic pattern concerns, and issues with the facility, I was ready to hammer the sprint distance instead. Earlier in the week the forecast called for 25-35mm of rain on race day. Awesome, better check my tires. Race morning was wet, and 5 minutes after arriving in transition, the rain stopped.

The swim was in a pool, 6 lanes, 4 people per lane. I had to wait for about 2 hours for the slower swim heats to finish before I hopped in the pool. I had a decent swim, even though the lap counter figured I swam an extra 50m. By my count, I was bang on. No problems, I was on my way to transition before I gave it another thought.

On the bike. After weaving through the park with no passing (which was killing me by the way), I settled in for a good bike. It was windy, with a crosswind gusting to 50-60km/hr. Some of the racers looked like the ‘Leaning Tower of Pisa’ trying to stay upright, I handled the wind pretty easy. Hey, I am born and train in Calgary, I am no stranger to a bit of wind. Once we turned south is when the fun started, freshly paved road with wind at our backs. The speed limit said 80km/hr and I am sure that some of us could have picked up a speeding ticket.

On to the run. My winter training was dedicated to increasing my run speed, and it didn’t disappoint. I was passed by one racer, and once he passed me, I was intent on keeping pace with him for the rest of the race. Ended up with the 5th fastest run of the day, 4:23/km.

Result: 1:14:27 4/20 Age Group 5/99 Overall

Highlights: Everything worked as planned. Transitions were fast and organized, and I pushed a good pace on the run.

Lessons: Need to add some more pacing drills in the pool; 1:43/100m is slower than I anticipated and how I felt in the water. Need to spend more time on the bike. With the wind it was tough to judge how I did, but I know I am capable of more.

All in all, it was a good race. The course was a little weird, but with what they had to work with, I reckon they did a good job.

I am ready to go for my first ‘A’ race in June.


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