triathlon and family can mix

Mother’s Day Run and Walk

14,875 people, 1 single purpose.


This was the 36th annual Mother’s Day Run and Walk in Calgary; the first I have been part of. As you can tell from the participation, the event is huge and supports a great cause; the Neonatal Intensive Care Units. Up until this year, I didn’t really have much reason to support the NICU. After Oliver was born, though he didn’t make it to the the NICU, we can now appreciate the situation families are in when their newborns do.

So me and my brother decided to crush a quick 10k in memory of all the little guys who either rely on the NICU, or maybe with our help, someday will be able to being born at 22 weeks and 6 days.

Being a triathlete, there is not many times that I start my run bunched up. Most of the time, I am heading thru T2 with one, maybe two other runners. Starting with 14,875 others makes for quite a different experience. At least I am not getting kicked in the face.

The first 2k were tough as we needed to navigate some of the slower runners, people looking at their phones, and groups running 4 or 5 wide. Once we got out on the road, the course opened up and there was room to run comfortably. The course takes you through some of the most expensive neighborhoods in Calgary, and I couldn’t help but stare and wish that I was able to walk to the race start, instead of drive. Alas, maybe one day.

My goal was to have a great time, run with my brother, and support a great cause. It was tough not to crank up the speed, but reminding myself of my goals, I stuck with my brother and let him pace.

At km 5, the course takes a slight uphill turn, and at this point I noticed a lot of runners struggling. I tried to motivate a couple on the way up, not sure it worked as well as I hoped. I crested the hill, stopped to tie my shoe (still need to figure that one out), and waited for my bro to catch up. The people that I passed on the way up must have thought “Wow, sprint up the hill then have to catch your breath? Learn to pace man.” Little do they know…..

The rest of the course was great. The volunteers were awesome, clapping and encouraging everyone one. I clapped for them as I passed, letting them know how awesome they are. I even high five’d a cop who was monitoring the intersection.

We crossed the finish line in memory of my son, Oliver. I know that he was there watching.

I hope he was proud.


Result: 51:14 (5:08/km) 70/278 Age Group 290/2004 Overall

Every year, we will be on the start line Mother’s Day morning, supporting the NICU’s across Alberta. Until next year….


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