triathlon and family can mix

Treadmill Thoughts

Not sure if a blog post is warranted, but some ideas you just can’t fit into 140 characters.


I like to people watch. Not creepy like, but more trying to figure out why people do what they do, like.

I will tell you why this has popped into my head. I pedaled away on the trainer at my local YMCA at Monday lunch, watching all the people on the treadmill. Some were running, some were jogging, and a couple of people were walking. I had a thought; what if the TV on the treadmill was connected to your effort level? The faster you go, the better the TV gets.

I reckon it would look something like this:

Walking – Basic TV with “Bunny Ears” – You all know what I am talking about, fuzzy, don’t move another inch it is perfect, kind of TV. 3 channels, and all daytime talk shows. Sorry Oprah.

Jogging – Basic Cable – Just enough channels to get by for 30 minutes, as long as you don’t want to watch sports highlights. You gotta run if you want Sports Center.

Running – Full Cable – Now you have your pick, Home and Garden TV or the Comedy Channel. Just be careful, laughing and running can be a dangerous combination.

Sprints/Intervals – Pay per view – Any time, any show you want. Re-run of Breaking Bad Season 1?  You got it sweaty.

If somehow I could convince the YMCA to implement this, I think that you wouldn’t see many walkers or joggers in the gym.

Question: What would you watch if you were sprinting?


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