triathlon and family can mix


“I love all three sports, I couldn’t pick my favorite.”


Liar, eveyone has a favorite.

As I looked out the window on Sunday morning at freezing rain coming down, contemplating if I should head out the door, I thought to myself ‘I really don’t like running, especially in less than ideal weather’. I reserved my run for later that evening, alas on the treadmill, even worse.

Triathlon provides alot of variety; three sports, different gear for each, nutrition, and race strategy just to name a few. This in one of the main reasons why I love this sport. If I had to bike 5 days a week, I would go crazy. Not too mention running; I think I would be a couch potato if that was case.

It did make me think though, what is it about the three sports that I like so much?  What is my favorite?

I typically don’t hesitate to pull on the Speedo (sorry for the visual), grab my paddles, and head to the lane for a workout. I enjoy the opportunity to be with my thoughts and air bubbles for an hour. It gives me time to think about everything from life changes to singing my favorite song. Only one problem, I can’t keep track of my laps past 400m because my mind wanders off.

Going fast is what it is all about. Biking is awesome, you can head out on the road and over the course of 40km, you can experience more than you can with any other sport. My typical routes take me through the rural country side of Southern Alberta, which can be amazing, and by amazing I mean great views with wind.

And every roadie/triathlete, at least everyone I have met, digs bikes.

I am not a huge fan of running, never have, never will. When I started this whole triathlon thing, I didn’t run. I didn’t run track or long distance in Junior High or High school; man I wish I did. Mind you, I have come to like it over the last two years. By working on my foot strike and evening out muscle imbalances in my lower body, I have eliminated injury while increasing both distance and speed.

I have read many times that you can’t win a race on the swim, but you certainly lose it. So I needed to focus on it over the last two winter seasons, increasing my efficiency and speed.

My favorite sport? Swimming. It may be that of the three, I am the best at it, but I think it has more to do with the fact that my daughter is a fish as well. We really enjoy leaving mom at home, heading to the pool, and acting like a couple of kids. Easier for me than her sometimes. We do get some disapproving looks while we are having a cannon ball competition, but hey, who cares. Right?

In the future, once we can bike more than 500m without stopping, biking may become my favorite.

Question: What is your favorite sport? Why?


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