triathlon and family can mix

Crossfit and Triathlon

Lift heavy s@!t.


As I discussed in my most recent post, strength training, I added Crossfit exercises into my training schedule over the winter season with great success. I took a lot of time researching, talking with other athletes, and experimenting which exercises in order to find the best combination for a triathlete.

It wasn’t easy to find, so I decided to share what I have been doing over the past five months. Not that I am an expert. I think that after reading my blog, that is obvious.

Aerobic Session – 4 rounds (3 minutes rest)
10 x Pull-Ups
20 x Box Jumps
20 x Push-Ups
20 x Inverted Row
20 x (10 left x 10 right) Walking Lunges

Strength Session
3 x (5 left x 5 right) – Turkish Get Up
3 x (5 left x 5 right) – Chop & Lift
3 x (6 left x 6 right) – Single Leg DeadLift
3 x 10 Squat

Seems simple right? It really isn’t.

In attempt to keep this post short, I haven’t included deceptions of the individual moves, saving time for both you and me (awesome) but also giving me inspiration for a variety of additional posts with pictures, descriptions, and links to instructional videos. So stay tuned in the coming weeks.

One last thought and opinion: Schedule your strength sessions, especially the heavy lift, as your second workout of the day. I scheduled a run after a heavy session; you can guess how it went.

Question: Have you integrated Crossfit and Triathlon? What is your experience?


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