triathlon and family can mix

A Bunch of ‘ists’

Physiotherapist, massage therapist, nutritionist, among the various other specialists are now part of your life. Welcome to being a triathlete.


I am really lucky, I have found my supporting cast almost by accident (no pun intended). My ‘ist’ line-up in comparison to what it could be is pretty short. In many cases, I am filling in where one could be.

I am my own nutritionist, constantly examining what I eat, how it effects my system, and tweaking when necessary. I am busy with making breakfast, lunch, and snacks at least 3 times a week, mentally calculating the nutritional value. Not exactly before you Paleo advocates start writing horrible things in the comment section, just making sure I have enough starchy vegetables to support my training load. Of all my quirks, I think this drives my family the most crazy.

My wife doubles as my therapist, being pulled into many conversations surrounding training load, schedules, race strategy, and having to tell me “you are grumpy, so take a day off already.” That’s right, a high training load makes me grumpy without even noticing it. A couple of days off, and I am back to my normal self. As normal as I can be.

A good massage therapist is worth their weight in gold and as hard to find; to get a referral from an athlete who has one is even harder. It took me awhile to find the right one, and I stumbled upon him only after my wife had seen him. My guy knows all about running issues and how each muscle in the body can effect hip alignment, knee pain, and foot issues. Sometimes he is able to identify a potential issue based on how my muscles are feeling. Pre-hab my friends.

I know my physiotherapist real well, almost too well. While rehabilitating my shoulder I am sure I spent more time with him than with my wife. He is a miracle worker and I don’t know how I would be able to be what I am doing if he wasn’t able to fix some of the issues over the years. The benefit of Active Release Technique (ART) and ‘Needles’ as my physio calls them (much different from acupuncture, believe me) can speed recovery in ways only they will know how to administer. Wether it is a reoccurring issue, or the next weakest link, a physio that specializes in sport will make your personal and training life a lot easier.

Trust me, no spouse out there is happy when you are laid up on the couch ‘again’ with a sore quad. “Don’t worry honey, you get better. I will take the kids for the afternoon while you ice and watch TV in hopes you can run later tonight.” Anyone heard this? Definitely not me, and not you either. I am sure you have thought about running later that night though…….

You are going to need one someday. So go find them now if you haven’t already.

Question: What ‘ists’ are on your list? Which ones could you not live without?


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