triathlon and family can mix

Peer Pressure

Come on man, everyone is doing it.


Sounds like junior high hey? Well, it does for me.

We were taught, and I continue to teach my daughter, that peer pressure is bad. I don’t think I would have built a ramp then tried to jump my BMX over my firend when I was 10 if it wasn’t for peer pressure. Before you think it, I didn’t end up with any broken bones, although based on my history it was a good assumption.

So when is peer pressure a good thing?

I recently completed a 21 Day Challenge to eliminate sugar from my life; I am sure you saw my numerous posts and twitter updates during the challenge. One of the top reasons that I was able to successfully complete the 21 days was the knowledge that I had people watching me. I announcd my intentions, invited others to join, and encouraged anyone to follow my progress via a blog update each Monday night. With that visibility, how could I just up and quit without some ridicule.

I think that is the point; having someone or a group of people who will make you accountable can be positive. It keeps you focused and honest.

The concept of positive peer pressure reaches futher than just dieting. When I swim with the Tri-Club or join a running collective, I want to gain the positives of training with a group to make me better. Part of that is pushing myself to keep up with or supass the better athletes, and I can’t do that if I stop a set 50m early becasue I am tired.

So embrace the peer pressure. If you want to eliminate sugar, floss your teeth every night, or stop complaining (all three I did in 2012) make sure there is someone who you don’t want to let down and can measure how you are doing.

If you are struggling with just perception on the line, you can sign up at stickK, a website where if you fail your challenge, a donation will be made to a charity of yor choice. The key? You can pick an anti-charity, like ‘The George W Bush Presidential Library and Museum’ or ay other place you would rather not see your money go. Money always talks.

On a side note, I hope you guys wouldn’t have given me too hard of a time if I didn’t make it past day 11…….

Question: How do you motivate yourself to achieve a goal you set?


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