triathlon and family can mix

2012 Review

‘Time flies when you are having fun’


We must have been having a crap load of fun then; I can’t believe it is 2013 already.

For our family, the last couple of years have been a whirlwind. In 2011, after staying grounded for 4 years, we took out first trip out of Canada, then went on another one, then another one. I completed my first year of triathlon, 2 races in total, and got ‘hooked’. Finally moved; we had talked about it for 4 years. We decided that we wanted to keep the momentum going in 2012, mainly because we were doing better than ever as a family. We were happy and growing physically and mentally.

So this post is dedicated to the progress my family and I have made in 2012. .

Technically we moved in 2011, October to be exact. Although we didn’t realize how it would impact our life until the spring, we were nonetheless excited. Change is always awesome. Our new home was completely different than our old house. Built in the mid 1970’s, it is in a neighbourhood with large trees, established roots, and close to the river. More on the location in a bit.

We decided on New Years Day to get a dog, Franklyn. I was against it, but the girls promised to walk, feed, and otherwise take care of him. Yeah, that lasted long. I have to admit that now I enjoy having him as part of the family, even if he still barks at everything that passes the house.

He gives me an excuse to explore the numerous paths the surround my neighbourhood and the Bow river. We even swam in the river over the summer, both of us. Being able to get out on a regular basis has been a contributing factor to my progression and success to a Paleo lifestyle.

As I have discussed in prior posts, Paleo is no than a ‘diet’ to me, it is a way of life. Slowing life down, playing more, and connecting with nature has been the greatest addition to my life over the past 12 months. I am lighter, more energetic, and overall happier.

In Febrauary I challenged nine coworkers and friends to a ’21 Day No Complaint Challenge’ inspired by a old blog post by Tim Ferris. The first to finish the challenge was offered an award by me. I finished on April 15, a full 58 days after the challenge began. It was totally worth it, and I still catch myself in a complaint and offer a solution as per the challenge. I now look at the positive, instead of the negative, in every situation. By the way, no one has come forward to claim their prize yet.

Looking at the positive was tough sitting in triage at the hospital May 26. Broken collar bone and the prospect of surgey the day before my daughters first Triathlon, nice timing. It did give me two positives, the ability to watch her race and the chance to start this blog. Watching her race was not really a positive until I raced with her in August. I loved racing with her, but you miss the smile at the finish line.

Not to make a post too long, um boring, I will break it up into two parts.

So until part two……

Question: How did your 2012 go?


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