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21 Day Sugar Detox – Week 3

That’s all. 21 days down.


I couldn’t be happier with my progress. I stayed the course and finished the challenge in what has to be the toughest time of the year. Man did I have to pass on a lot of great treats. I know I have talked a lot about having to resist temptation, but honestly after the first 5 days, it was pretty easy to say ‘no thanks’.

I made a couple if mistakes, not willingly mind you, and hopefully if you decide one day to give it a rip, it will help you avoid the same mistakes.

Beware the pickled beets – The detox plan allows for 1 cup of beets per day, and for 2 nights (day 9 and 10) I had my allotment. On the second night my wife pointed out that they have added sugar. Crap, I had been so good checking labels up until then.

Effervescent Vitamin B – I picked up a cold mid week; Vitamin B tabs always get me back on the right track faster than anything I have tried. Desperate, I took one Tuesday evening and checked the label after; aspartame.

One of my goals that lead me to start this detox was to gain control over my sugar cravings. Check. I no longer crave something sweet after dinner, opting for an extra fork full of veggies or a handful of nuts instead.

So how do you get through 21 days? Here are some of the tips and tricks I used to complete the challenge.

Use the ‘limit’ foods to your advantage. It is a little sad, but I looked forward to my banana or green apple everyday. Toward the end, I would actually plan it into my day so I wouldn’t forget about it.

Find a great herbal tea to help during the cravings. I am a tea nut, so this one was pretty easy for me. New Dehli Delight, Organic La La Lemon and a straight up Peppermint, all from Davids’s Tea, were my go to ones.

Plan ahead. When heading out for lunch (as I do for business) or dinner with the family, make sure you know what you want to order before you get there. If it comes with cornbread on the side, ask for them to leave it in the kitchen. Easier to not eat it when it isn’t in front of you.

Pack your own food. As I learnt from the beets, hidden sugar is pretty much everywhere; second ingredient in beef jerkey FYI. So the best way for me to control the ingredients was to add them all myself.

I am interested on how my body will respond if I introduce sugar again. Obviously I will keep myself in check, no need to revert back to pre-detox eating habits. I will have one more post, next Monday, to explore the post-detox week.

Question: What is your experience in re-introducing foods after a detox? Any advice?


2 responses

  1. I’m very curious about any improvements you’ve noticed or felt as you finish this. Do you sleep better, have more energy, feel better overall and how? Did you loose weight going through this? How have your workouts been impacted, especially any high intesity ones? Any feedback would be great to hear.

    December 27, 2012 at 9:19 am

    • Yeah, I guess I didn’t really comment on anything like that. Thanks for the questions.

      As far as the physical side, I lost a total of 4.4lbs, all body fat. My overall energy levels stayed the same, and I didn’t experience the after meals drops.

      I am a pretty good sleeper, so no real observations there.

      On the training side, I continued as normal with adverse effect to each workout. I did however find a new post-workout recovery food; sweet potato.

      I enjoyed the 21 days so much, I will be continuing with it after the holidays. I can see my weekly flex days looking like standard paleo with the other days resembling the 21 day sugar detox.

      December 27, 2012 at 9:43 pm

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