triathlon and family can mix

21 Day Sugar Detox – Week 2

14 down, 7 to go.


I have to admit, it hasn’t been as hard as I originally thought. This time of year with cookies, cake, egg nog, and numerous parties have made it tougher than it needed to be, but I have been able to stay the course. Head first right?

Sunday afternoon we visited my parents for a cup of tea. Now the biggest issue is not the visit, as one may expect, but the Cherry Pound cake she makes each Christmas. This cake is so good that me and my wife wait for it each year. Actually, my wife confirms in October that she will be making again. Guess what was on the table when we got there? Doesn’t take a rocket scientist.

Crap. Time to dig deep.

I am not the kind of person who expects everyone to cater to my wild ideas of nutrition. Hey, some people think I am bonkers for attempting this detox at this time of the year. So instead of avoiding the temptation, I searched out some walnuts in the pantry, poured a cup of tea, and sat at the table. I left their house after 2 hours without cheating.

So I now have 7 days to go, and I am trying not to plan all of things that I want to eat on the 24th. As of this blog post, there are only four items on my cheat list.

Chocolate (Dark) Covered Almonds – I could eat a whole bag.
Rice Crispie Square – Craving one since day 3
Hamburger – A good one, not a crappy fast food one
Pizza – This time, any place will work

Instead, I am planning on continuing through breakfast and lunch, with some brown rice with supper. No need to undo my hard fought progress.

Oh yeah, Cherry Pound Cake, I will see you on the 25th.

Question: What would you crave if you had to eliminate it for 21 days?


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