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21 Day Sugar Detox – Week 0

So here I go.


Day one of the twenty one is in the books and I am stoked. I have plenty of veggies, meat, and herbal tea in my house that I could start my own small grocery store.

The past weekend was a perfect example of why I decided to take this challenge on now instead of in the New Year. Rice, bread, and dairy are easy for me to eliminate, I don’t crave them. I have a tough time saying no to sweets, muffins, and pretty much all chocolate.

The Christmas treats are were going to be my downfall.

So taking into account that I have been pretty much Paleo for the last 8 months, my goal for the 21 days is not to drop the grains and legumes, I have already done that. I want to reduce or eliminate my cravings for all things sweet. Not that I want to eliminate them completely from my life; who doesn’t like a cinnamon bun or a couple slices of pizza now and then? I want to eat them on my own terms, not out of the desperation of a craving.

I have always been a little ADD (if you believe in it) when it comes to tracking things in my life; I weigh in each morning and have a post-it in the bathroom with each days numbers. This makes for interesting conversation when we have visitors in our house and I forget to hide it in the drawer.

This challenge will be no different. I will record my progress keeping in mind that the goal of the next 20 days is not weight loss, but control over my cravings. I am just not sure if I will share the numbers with the world, or keep it to myself. I guess it will depend on my success….just kidding.

I will post my progress each Monday night detailing some of my successes and challenges that week. I am sure there will be lots of both. I will update my twitter feed more regularly with thoughts and comments on the days in between.

So stay tuned.

Question: Do the Holidays slowly eat away at your good habits? How do you combat the cravings?


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