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Tough Day at the Office

“Man, do my legs feel heavy today.”


Rarely, okay more common than that, I am asking myself “how much longer left?” I am tired, my legs want to quit, and my mind is right behind them. Most of the time I get past the struggle and end up having a great workout.

Today was not one of those days.

First and foremost, I despise the treadmill; it is kinda boring considering the alternative. Kinda boring? Acutally, really boring. Wether it is a river path or mountain trail, solo or group, short or long, fast or slow, running outside is always my first choice. Alas, here in Calgary at 0600 in the winter, running outside is just not an option for me. There are a couple of runners with headlamps along the river, but with the risk of ice, cold weather, and wildlife (coyotes) I think I will deal with the treadmill.

I am currently right in the middle of my highest training load of the season with an average of 10 hours per week not including two or three strength sessions. In order to fit all of the training into my schedule, I have 4 days (Mon/Tue/Thurs/Fri) with two workouts per day, typically in the morning and at lunch.

I am not complaining, actually I have seen great results from my first base period and I am looking foward to my second. The strength training has helped me with power on the bike and I have received comments from the Tri-Club swim coach about my push off’s getting alot better over the last month. Not too mention that chicks dig biceps…..

Today though, I felt sluggish and found myself looking at the clock every two or three minutes willing my workout to be over. I decided that after 35 minutes I just couldn’t take it anymore and cut my workout short by 10 minutes. It was a grind and I enjoyed it just about as much as my most recent dental visit. In case you were wondering, I act like a seven year old when I have to go.

Now the questions roll around my head. Is it best to quit a workout when you are just not into it? How do you know when an extra couple of minutes will get you through the mental rough patch and go on to have a great workout? Did I quit too late? What are the concequences if you miss your scheduled workout? After a grat 3 week block of training, why now am I feeling tired?

The answer is simple, I have no idea.

Maybe it is time for a rest day.

Question: How do you determine if you need a rest day?


2 responses

  1. Sometimes just like your body, you’re brain needs a rest day as well. I can’t stand the treadmill either so I try every trick in the book, pod casts, tv, music etc. I doubt 10 min will really affect you; it’s only if you do it every time! Also if you really can’t keep focused, it can affect your technique, breathing etc which is very important so when that time comes I know it’s the right decision to stop and make up for it on the next training day.

    Hope that helps, keep up the great work!

    December 1, 2012 at 7:54 am

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