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Halloween 2012

Trick or treat. This year, it is all treat at our house.

This is our first Halloween in our new neighborhood. Alright, it is actually our second but we had only been in the house for 8 days last year. I wanted to make this year a memorable one for myself, the family, and hopefully my community.

Now in Calgary, the weather can be great up until the 30th of October (we got snow mid month this year) but it will always be cold and snowy for the 31st. It is a running joke that as a kid, our costumes had to be big enough to fit over our snowsuits. With the prospect of a bag full of candy, the night never seemed to be that cold.

Once we began taking our little one out trick-or-treating, I realized why mom and dad never were excited. We froze our butts off. Can’t we just go to four houses then head home?

So this year I set up a firepit on the driveway and served hot chocolate to the kids, with permission from the parents of course, and the parents.

We had a blast standing on the driveway, chatting with the neighbors and enjoying watching the kids head up the street. Most, like mine, skipping up to the next house. I met 5 people from our neighborhood that I have never met before, and had the chance to catch up with a couple of dads that I haven’t spoke with since spring. We even had a couple who were out for a walk with their dog stop by to warm up by the fire.

The only downfall was the lack of kids. We had about 15 at our house this year; from what other parents have told us, 15 is about right these days.

The weather dictated when we shut down for the evening, as it began to mist, then snow dousing our fire in the process. We moved indoors and waited for the last of the kids to ring the door bell.

All-in-all, I had a blast and will continue with the bonfire and hot chocolate for the foreseeable future. It was a great way to meet people in the neighborhood having recently moved in, and for the families that came, I hope they enjoyed it as well.

Question: Do you have any Halloween traditions? What has been your experience?


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