triathlon and family can mix

Primal Living

Eating like a caveman? I am starting to enjoy living like one.

As I have detailed in Lifestyles (a previous post) and on my twitter feed, my family and me have adopted a Paleo lifestyle for the past 6 months.


The further I progress I realize that the diet is only the start. Many Paleo advocates will discuss the food which was part of our ancestors diet, but rarely will they discuss the lifestyle. This is where it gets interesting and fun.
Before I go any further, I fully realize the irony of progressing back to a caveman lifestyle and blogging about it. We do live in the 21st century after all, and there are a couple of things that I am sure our ancestors would liked to have had. An iPhone is probably at the top of the list……

Benefit #1 – Getting in Touch with Nature

On a regular basis, we are heading to local hiking area for the afternoon or I am heading solo from the house with the dog for a long walk. We have been able to experience many great locations in Calgary that until that moment, we didn’t know existed. It is an awesome experience to find a tranquil, almost uninhabited part of the city and take a seat and enjoy the view.

I now notice more of nature while we are out. I reckon getting out each day allows us to notice little changes to our environment. We have been surprised when the leaves begin chaning colour each fall; this year we were not because we noticed it coming for while. Everyday we could feel the air a little cooler and watched the trees get ready for winter.

My tan is better this year than most. Mexico you ask? Actually, from spending most of my time outdoors this summer. Vitamin D quota for the year; check.

For most of our outdoor activites, we sport minimalist style footwear. In modern times going barefoot may be more of a risk than a benefit. Think of all the broken glass and sharp rocks underneath our feet that have been protected their whole life; not so appealing hey? Whatever it may be, from a shoe like the Merril Road Glove to the opposite of a shoe, the Vibram Five Fingers, being closer to ground will help you connect with it.

Benefit #2 – Slow Life Down

Sitting on the deck with a cup of tea has now become my favorite past time. No, I am not in my 70’s, I have just realized that making an effort to slow life down pays dividends to your overal health. Sure, I still still run the race on Monday to Friday from 0800-1600 but other than that, I try to make life as slow as possible.

Benefit #3 – Enjoy Food

Eat when you are hungry and eat what you want.

No longer do we eat meals that make us feel tired or bloated, instead we eat the best of what our local farmers have to offer. This means fresh seasonal organic vegtables, grass fed and finished beef, locally raised chicken, and natural pork. We eat until we are full and not past it saving the leftovers (if there is any) for lunches the following day.
As my wfie has pointed out, meal planning for a Paleo household is no easy task. Don’t think that just becasue it was hard at first that you shouldn’t give it a try. Because you should. Now we can whip up a quick meal with anything we have in the house.

Benefit #4 – Family

This is what it is all about, being able to spend quality time with my family. By slowing things down, we have been able to spend time together that only a year ago we were hoping for. Our time is now spent enjoying each moment rather than running errands.

We don’t spend much time I front of the television either, instead we will opt for a board game or right now, we are working on a puzzle together.

There many positive aspects I have found with the Paleo lifestyle, from being able to maintain a consistent weight, higher energy levels, to enjoying each moment more and more; I am glad that I have made the progession.

Question: Have you tried it? If so, what is the best aspect for you? If not, are you going to try it?


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