triathlon and family can mix

You Know You are a Triathlete When….

There is no initiation or right of passage, but you can tell when you have become a triathlete.


In a recent blog post, ‘I Could Never Run That Distance’ I explored the reasons why I do what I do. So how do you know when you can call yourself a triathlete? I tried to determine some distigushing characteristics.

Not that I am an expert, or you are a only a triathlete when (insert something here). One thing about this sport I love is that there is no ‘recipe’ that makes a triathlete. Some people come from a swimming background, like myself, and some come from a running background, I wish. The one thing in common though, it took alot of hard work to get where we are, so good job.

If you are like me, you like to make fun of yourself, so I thought i would make this list.

And because it isn’t worth doing unless you are either getting dirty or having fun; that is the family moto in our house.

The collection of bike parts in your garage can rival any bike shop, big or small. In addtion to the standard tires/tubes/pump, most commonly found on my work bench is brake pads, pedal cleats, and foam helment inserts.
Your physio’s recptionist knows you by name, and convieniently, you don’t have to check in at the counter for your appointments any more. For me, it is never the same issue either; one day it is a shin injury, the next a shoulder problem.
You have actually combined ‘just’ with ’10km’ in the same sentence. More than once. Not to mention that most of them are the second workout of the day. Brick anyone?
The smell of chlorine after a lunchtime workout doesn’t bother you, or anyone else in the office anymore. I have never read of any benefits of cholrine on your body, swimsuit, or training aids but that doesn’t stop me from logging +10,000 meters per week.
What is that black mark on my calf? It kinda looks like chain grease. After a long ride Saturday, there was no time to hit the shower before heading out with the family so a ‘baby wipe’ shower had to do.
Laundry is part of your nightly routine, typically just before your evening stretch. When you bike for 90 minutes on Monday, you want to smell fresh for Tuesday’s long run, right?
You have forgot what your shower at home looks like. The shower at the gym on the other hand has become your hang out spot. Sorry for the pun. You carry a toothbrush with you in your gym bag, and more than likely you carry the entire supporting cast along with it.
Your bike is in better mechanical shape than your car is. It is not uncommon to let your car go 1000km past it’s oil change, but heaven forbid you forget to grease your chain after each ride.
Waking up on Sunday morning at 0630 is considered sleeping in. Still got 8 hours of sleep though, couldn’t stay awake past 2100.

The triathlon community is an awesome one to be part of. Everyone I have met, except for a select few, are great individuals who I feel priviledged to meet.

Question: What characteristic do you identify with?


4 responses

  1. I just started this little journey and can already tick off several of those. I feel like I live at the gym some times. A couple of weeks ago I took a shower at home and it felt really weird. I also buzz cut my hair to make maintenance easier and to reduce the effects of chlorine. Good list.

    October 11, 2012 at 6:57 am

  2. Great post and still a long ways to go for me 🙂 but looking forward to it.

    October 11, 2012 at 8:00 pm

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