triathlon and family can mix

Automatic Flushes and T-Rexes

To be fair, if I ran into a T Rex I would be scared too.


Since my daughter has been using the toilet, we have had issues with automatic flushing toilets; why do they flush so fast and at about 100 decibels? I know we are not alone with this issue, as many of our family friends have as tough a time at the mall as we do when we hear ‘Dad, I have to go.”

We have gotten better, we can now use automatic toilets in places we have been 50 or so times. She still plugs her ears ever time we go into a public washroom. Is it goofy, sure it is, but she has a genuine fear and we need to be simpathetic to it.

It does make me think, what am I scared of?

But it really makes me think of the support we have given her, giving her the confidence that no matter what, we are on her side.

I also think of the support I have recieved over the last 2 years during my short triathlon carrer. My family has been understanding during my various off the wall conversations about my next race, my fascination with what I eat, and the early morning or late night workouts. To be honest, I am surprised they still listen to me.

I have gotten better mind you. I have learnt to choose the right time insert a triathlon specific question: for the record, when you are running late for an appointment, keep our comments to yourself.

I guess what i am trying to say is; Thanks girls, I couldn’t have done it without you.

Oh, by the way, I am afraid of snakes. Anything that can move along the ground without legs freaks me out.

Question: Who do you owe your triathlon success to?


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