triathlon and family can mix


Race season is over, I achieved my goals (well kinda), and had a great ride.  Now it is time to relax with my family and take a little time away from the triathlon world.

Taking some of my own advice from an earlier blog post, see Scales point number 7, we headed out of Calgary after our final race of the season for some family rest and relaxation.  What better way to do that than head out to British Columbia and stay on the lake?

Vernon, BC
A town that my wife always wants to visit and I have grown to like as well, we can always fill a couple of days with activities.  This year was the first year we actually had decent wether, so we were able to do something exciting other than the hotel pool.  If it were up to my daughter, this is the only thing we would do.
Davison Orchards
A family run Orchard which has activities for kids and adults, not to mention the crazy delicious pies.  Not exactly Paleo, but hey, I am on vacation.  The apples are fresh, some still have leaves on, and a couple of bags seem to make the trip home with us each year.
Kal Beach
Bad weather and beaches don’t mix, so we were stoked to have 35 degrees and sun for our day at the beach.  The water in Kalamalka Lake was warm this year, and we spent most of our time swimming and doing karate in the water.  Karate is fun, but is more fun in the water.  Mom even came into the lake this year, and got her hair wet.
Atlantis Water Slides
This was our first time at the water slides, and it showed.  We arrived around 1300 and had a hard time finding a spot for our towels and the wait was pertty long for each ride.  We had a blast trying evey slide; Double Trouble was voted our favorite by the family.  Next time we will get there for opening so we can grab some shade and hit as many slides as possible beofre the crowds arrive.

Sicamous, BC
This is a spot where my family has gone since I was a kid and my memories of those summers are fond.  So despite the consistent mosquitos, seaweed, flood damage, and forest fires we make the trek every year.  Some years we stay for a full two weeks, sometimes we stay only a couple of days.
Shuswap Lake
The main attraction, we spend most of our time either in or on the water.  We spent our two and a half days swimming, building sand castles and riding the sea-doo.  We met a great family, also from Calgary, with two girls, one the same age as our daughter.  The girls spent a full afternoon swimming with each other, then after supper played in the cabin well past their bedtime.
Dutchman Dairy
Who I am kidding, this is the main attraction.  A store where the ice cream is made within 15m of where it is sold and you can go see the cows where the milk came from while you eat it.  Awesome.  Not to mention that it is probably the best ice cream you will ever have, the only complaint is how do you chose a flavour?

It was a great vacation, but I am glad to be back in Calgary.  Now it’s time to plan for the next race season.  No rest for the amateur triathlete….

Question: How do you unwind once race season has ended?


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