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Race Report – Lake Chaparral Kids Of Steel

This was KOS number 2, and the first I was able to participate in.


We had a chance to cover the course on Friday afternoon, which is highly recommended for any Triathlon, not just your first KOS. As this was her first time in a lake, she wanted me to swim beside her, and asked if I could stay with her the entire time.

The 7 and under category was to swim last and only after all of the previous age group had finished their bike leg. This meant that there was going to be a 20 minute delay. More time to play in the sand!

Highlights: As the start was delayed, we had a chance to cheer on a friend as she passed on the run course.

Lessons: Spectators can show up a little later than we anticipated, around 0930 should do.

Swim – 50m – Lake Chaparral
The kids and adults hit the water and began the swim across the dock. We decided to start mid pack, and regretted our decision as we got stuck behind some slow swimmers. So we went around, and cruised to the boat ramp.

The ramp was slippery, and the volunteers were helpful in getting us to our feet.

Once out of the water, I let her take the lead. It was up to her to find her bike, and start getting ready. She found it with ease, I helped with the socks and shoes, and I put my shoes on while she put her helmet and race number on.

After insisting that she needed her hoodie on, we left transition.

Highlights: We navigated transition like champs. It wasn’t fast, but she did it all on her own.

Lessons: Need to ditch the socks, little wet feet are not easy to dress.

Bike – 1.5km – Lake Chaparral Community
The bike course was on a parking lane, at least I think that is what you call it, so the kids did not have to worry about traffic. Awesome.

It was like a clam Sunday afternoon bike ride, no real urgency about it. She was telling me stories, checking out the park, and overal enjoying her time. Maybe I can learn a thing or two…..

Highlights: She didn’t get passed by anyone, or pass anyone.

Lessons: Continue to enjoy each bike leg.

Run – 0.5km – Lake Chaparral Park
Again, we navigated transition like champs, she found her spot, I racked her bike, and we were off to the run.

We waved for some pictures, thanks Oma, and hit the aid station just before the finish. She grabbed a glass, took a sip, and threw it to the ground like she has done this before.

I asked if she wanted me to cross the finish line with her, or do it by herself. She wanted to go it alone, so I veered off to the right, and watched as she crossed the finish line.

Highlights: She continued to run for the enitre 0.5km.

Lessons: Continue to enjoy each run leg.

She enjoyed the race, there was a smile on her face the entire time. The post race munchies were a hit, she wanted to grab some water, fruit, and bagels. Hey, we even stayted around for the draw prizes and won a pair of goggles.

It was great that we were able to share the expreince with family friends as well, it made it much more enjoyable for her to see her friends competing as well.

The differences between a KOS and an ‘adult’ triathlon are obvious, but it is the atmosphere that struck me the most. It’s not serious, it was so much fun. I am pretty sure we will do this every year.

Here is a link to some of the pictures from the day, check them out here.


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