triathlon and family can mix

Did Not Finish

I Am Not Scared of You, or am I?

I had a t-shirt as a kid that said ‘you can’t strike out if you don’t step up to the plate’. At the time, it was just cool to wear, but as I went through my twenties I realized that I have an obsession about not completing a task. Wow, I am done my twenties, for real?

It is an outcome that no one foresees at the beginning of a race, Did Not Finish. I think every triathlete, it is no secret that we are a competitive bunch, fear these three little words. Is it perception, ego, or pure competitiveness that causes it? I reckon a little of each, but perception gets my vote.

You want to leave everything you have on the course and give it your best effort. If your goal is too qualify for the World Championships or just cross, the finish line is a definate ending. So not crossing the finish line would be devastating right? I am not sure it would be.

There are numerous benefits to training for a Triathlon, whether it is a Sprint or Ironman, in addition to race day. Don’t get me wrong, race day is what it is all about for me, but my life is sure better now than it was just a couple of years ago. I have met many influential individuals , I am in the best shape of my life, I am eating better, and my daughter has taken up an interest in triathlon as well.

So back up to Ironman 70.3 Calgary. Coming off a broken collar-bone 9 weeks priors, my first 70.3 attempt, and my first experience in a point-to-point race, where was the little voice whispering DNF, DNF? No where to be found. Instead, it was whispering keep going, keep going. Trust in your training, it has not only prepared you body, but your mind as well.

Don’t be scared of a DNF. I believe that everyone standing on the beach recognizes the effort it took for you to get there, it took them just as much effort to do so, and salutes.

Question: How do you perceive a DNF?


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