triathlon and family can mix

Having Kids is Awesome

It can be challenging at times, always scary, but well worth the effort.


My daughter is now 5, and having looked back on the years, I have realized that having kids is awesome. Here are some of the reasons:

Act Like a Kid – As an adult, I can’t do cannonballs off the side of the pool without people looking at me like I need a helmet. But when I do them with my daughter, we are just two kids having fun. Take the opportunity to act like a kid again and don’t let a little thing like other peoples opinion get in your way.

Unexpected Comments – Mostly always funny, or atleast to me. My daughter once said she was off to work, when I asked where she worked, she responded ‘Ikea’. Aim high kid, aim high.

Wonderment in the Small Things – Kids can find the most unexpected objects facinating. A swing ride, vehicle, or conversation may be ordinary to you, but to a kid it is brand new and exciting. Allow your child to take the lead when exploring on your next walk and try to see things from their perspective, you will be amazed at what they see you don’t.

Learn Something New – Calculus, not so much. The difference between a fish and whale? Live young. I knew that. There are so many things that kids learn outside of your influence. Take the time to chat with them and learn what they have, you may be surprised what you don’t know. Just don’t let them know that.

Being Honest – My daughter has been blessed with a memory like an elephant. My wife and I on the other hand have less than long term memories. When a question start with ‘why’, ‘what’, and ‘how’ we best tell the truth as we will be interrogated later that day, or next week, who knows. I see lawyer in her future.

Best of all, there is at least one person on this earth that thinks eveything that I do is awesome. Having my daughter cheer for me at every race, excited for Saturday morning so we can play together, or give me a huge hug for no reason; that is why I do what I do.

I think everything she does is awesome too.

Question: What addtional reasons are there to explain why having kids is awesome?


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