triathlon and family can mix

A Week of Stampede…..

I guess it is more like a week and a half of Stampede.


One hundred years of the Calgary Stampede. We don’t typically celebrate Stampede as we both grew up in Calgary, but now with our daughter, we can’t deny her the adventure.

So we planned a couple of different activities throughout the 10 days to get into the spirit and enjoy what the city has to offer for the centennial celebration.

Parade Day – We try to avoid crowds at all costs; I know what you are thinking, mass swim start and I like to avoid crowds? They typically involve waiting and lots of people. Two things the girls are not fond of, but what’s more Stampede than the parade?

So we went, and hate to admit it, had a blast. Wanted to get out of the house at 0700, ended up bang out of the drive at 0730. We ended up being able to sit front row after the family in front of us had a no show, thanks for that.

Breakfast – The local market was serving up pancakes, sausage, and fruit (I cheated that day) along with a live band and activities for the kids. The highlight was definitely the Rope Making which my daughter got to take home as a souvenir.

She has been lassoing the dog all week.

Grounds – With no rain in the forecast, weird for Stampede week, we decided to hit the grounds despite the heat. We had a great time looking at the animals, playing some games, and riding a couple of rides.

I had to try the Deep Fried Oreo’s, cheating again, and the famous Mini Doughnuts. Each tasted like I thought, fantastic…….then not so much.

All in all it was a great experience, not only for my daughter, but for myself as well. I commented to my wife that we should think less of the headache and more about the positives, and do little adventures more often.

I have added a link to my online photo album, check it out here

Question: What activity have you embarked on despite the potential headaches? How did the experience turn out?


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