triathlon and family can mix


Run 100 miles, maybe. Run 100miles over a couple mountain ranges in 40 degree celsius heat, no thanks.


I read, I read alot. Being on the bike for 5-7 hours a week, atleast half on the stationary, gives me alot of spare time. I have found that with my iPad and Kobo app, I can take a book with me an read while I pedal. So over the last 6 months, I have finished 8 books, ranging from self help to biographies. One book that really inspired me was Eat&Run: My Unlikely Rise to Ultramarathon Greatness.

I discovered the world of Ultramarathon through ‘Born to Run’ and further researched Scott Jurek in the following months. Not because his Vegan lifestyle, not for his fame, but to find out what makes him tick. Was there something he does that I can utilize in my life? Turns out, after reading his book, there was.

1 “Sometimes you do things”. Determination, focus, grit….call it what you will The ability to dig deep and continue when something is telling you to quit is easy in theory, tough in practice. Find your mantra so when your body says done, your mind says keep goin. I use a little of point 1, little of point 2, and a lot of smiling.
2 Focus on little victories. We have all experienced that feeling of wanting to shut down halfway through a training ride or 5km into a 10km race. By focusing on the next milestone, wether it be an aid station, crest of the hill, or the next competitor in front of you, you can split the race into little pieces. Once you achieve that small goal, you can relish in the small victory, and continue on to the next.
3 Give back to your sport. In a race, how many times have you passed a volunteer? How many time have you been a volunteer? I am sad to say many and none. Consider giving back and help out at a race next time you are able.
4 Acknowledge your fellow competitors. Most of them are out for the same reasons you are, whatever they may be. Don’t ignore or try to intimidate them, chat with them. I actually chatted with a fellow competitor on an uphill section of the Lake Chaparral bike course.

Question: What do you do when struggles arise?

Disclosure of material connection: I have received no compensation for writing this post. I have no material connection to the brand, products, or services I have mentioned.


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